Crystalwee.com is run by I, Crystal Wee (no prizes for guessing it right) who aims to bring the best of the world to your doorstep.

This food-focused blog will show you the tastiest morsels in and out of town and the hidden gems in secret hideouts around the island. My goal is simple: To spread the word of food. A non-professional food blogger since the fall of 2011, I have found interests in photography and hunting for the best gastronomic delights around. Put the two attributes together and you get my current hobby of food blogging.

You may call me a hopper in the past. I have leaped from interest to interest – and it was a matter of time before I felt that perhaps I was wasting precious gems of seconds of time finding my own caliber. That  perhaps, I had no caliber at all. Not until my obsession with browsing through local food blogs started. I know there isn’t any true meaning to the word obsession anymore, but it’s really apt. With the boom of the most popular photography app to date, Instagram, I could even share real time updates on my latest food haunt. In time to come, I found myself hooked to food photography. Yes, most of this site stemmed from the root of my interest – photography. Still, being able to share my experiences to people is much of a joyride to me. Today, I am no hopper. I am passionate towards my love for food blogging.

For those who have managed to spend a minute of your life on this page of mine, I applaud you (no sarcasm intended). And I appreciate your readership.

Till then… let’s eat merrily.

You may wish to navigate my blog more conveniently via the Index page. For any enquiries or invites, feel free to check out my contact details at the Contact page.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. i says:

    Hi Crystal, just thought of leaving a note to say that I really enjoy the reviews & recommendations and the photos are really nice!

  2. Terry Selvy says:

    Hello, Crystal Wee!
    I love all your post, story and photo in this blog.
    I was inspired to creating my blog by you.

    Thank you ❤

  3. lamangosteen says:

    Love the photos! Makes me hungry… thanks for sharing!

  4. Your photography is gorgeous! So excited to connect and follow you, especially since you’re here in Singapore. And thanks for following me, too! 🙂

  5. groofdo says:

    beautiful photos (:

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