Tony Roma’s

Had lunch at Tony Roma’s on Sunday with my mom as I had 20% off lunch. ūüôā

I liked the ambience there. It’s spacious and not too modernized feel of the restaurant calls for a whiff of nostalgia. There was even a toilet in there, though it I feel that it was rather unnecessary and costly. We sat at a window view overlooking the koi pond at Suntec as what many people would prefer. It is also a plus point when taking pictures of your yummy morsels with nautral sunlight filtering in.

¬†Complimentary bread stick. It came with a cream sauce which I suppose is garlic but doesn’t have any taste at all.

 Fries ($3.90). It was a generous serving of fries and my mom got freaked out at the amount of calories she would be taking in.

¬†My Chicken Alfredo Florentine ($20.90). I realised that the dishes at Tony Roma’s came in huge serving sizes, explaining the higher prices. As usual, I’m not someone who can get accustomed to cream base pasta, much less finish the whole plate as I would get sick of it and probably throw up the contents if I actually tried forcing everything down my throat. However, I must say that the creamy linguini, topped with chicken breast and spinach, speaks of quality.


¬†I don’t feel satisfied if I don’t end my meals with dessert. Seeing that the Chocolate Avalanche ($13.90) is of chef’s reccommendation, my mother was almost to the point that she was insisting that I get it. Haha. True to it’s reccommendation, the brownie and vanilla ice-cream, when tasted together, gives a satisfying and sweet aftertaste, despite the brownie being made with dark chocolate more.



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