10 Things to do this Christmas

Christmas’s a great time to just chill out (not at home watching tv hopefully) and embrace the last few days of the year. If you’ve been cooping yourself up at home playing the computer or doing your homework, this is your time to get an excuse and head out! If not, there’s certainly more you can do to celebrate the spirit of Christmas in your cosy home.

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1. Hang out with family and relatives

Christmas’s a time of caring and sharing, and what better way to do it other than keeping up with your family and relatives? Call for a warm family gathering at someone’s home, and even spending the night chatting away is not a waste of time.

2. Sing some Christmas carols

Christmas carols NEVER get old! Plug the music in, sing your hearts out, and maybe top off with a Justin Bieber alternative!

Did you know?

The reason why carol singers knock on your door and pester you when you’re trying to watch your favorite Christmas soap on television is because they were onced banned from churches! The word ‘carol’ is from a Greek word meaning ‘sing and dance in a circle’. The medieval priests were upset by carol singers who danced through their churches at Christmas. The priests claimmed the carol singers were doing the work of the devil and threw them out.

3. Share a log cake!


What is a Christmas without a proper log cake? What is a log cake without eating it with family and friends?

4. Send Christmas cards to your loved ones

Spread the love of Christmas and let your beloved ones feel the warmth!

Do you know how Christmas cards started?

The first cards were printed for a businessman called Sir Henry Cole in 1843. He was a generous man and also gave the English people their first public toilet. He asked an artist to design a picture for him and 1,000 cards were printed. The spare cards were sold by the printer but they were a bit unpopular because they had a picture of a pub on the front. Christmas cards became really popular when the penny post was invented. The most common picture was of a robin because postmen wore red jackets and that was their nickname. (They stopped wearing red in 1861 because red showed the muck.)

5. Have a cup of hot beverage!

It’s the end of the year and despite the fact of living in a tropical country, you can still expect to find colder nights and chilly days. A cup of hot beverage shall do the trick and make you feel in seventh heaven! Sit by a window in a cosy cafe and chat with your buddies with a cup of warm macchiato or just people-watch if you’re alone.

6. Indulge in the Christmas lights in town.


It’s Christmas, and the town is rejoicing in glee. The festive mood’s hit the entire island with visible decor in the town area. It’s best to experience all the shopping and happy crowd and beautiful Christmas lights yourself than hear the gossip among friends!

7. Strike something off your wish list!

After a year of hard work be it in your schoolwork or job, it’s time to reward yourself with something lovely! Is it the iPhone 4S you’ve been eyeing, or the latest Versace jacket you’ve been squealing about? Go get yours now! Or better still, hint your best friend or parents that you……

8. Buy some gifts for everyone!

Don’t forget about your close ones as well! Have a Christmas gift exchange and surprise one another with goodies!

9. Organise a gathering.

Gather your friends for a lovely Christmas dinner, and just do wacky things together!

10. Enjoy your last few moments of the year and reflect.

And finally, as the year draws into a close, think about all that you’ve went through this year – the good, the bad. Rejoice in the good, forget about the bad, and anticipate for another year of another million possibilities to venture into. Then, prepare your new year resolutions and get ready to party right into 2012!

All facts adapted from Horrible Christmas by Terry Deary.



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