Wild Honey: No Place Like Home


Located in a quaint corner of the quiet Mandarin Gallery, this restaurant’s location may not serve it justice. However, despite the small number of patrons there were that day, I heard that it is usually very packed during peak hours, having to wait for a seat. Furthermore, it doesn’t entertain reservations by phone. Anyway, Mandarin Gallery features a few nice restaurants that you might want to check out, such as Arteastiq Tea Lounge, Antoinette and Ippudo Ramen.

Wild Honey’s famous for its all-day breakfast — I love breakfast items! I’ve recently been trying out sandwiches, waffles, eggs and stuff, a little break from the pastas and pizzas and ramen. The place was dimly lit yellow, which is a downside for me since I do not like dining in dark places where you can’t see your food clearly and food photography is a notch more difficult without proper lighting. Their menu is viewable from a black board and iPad at the counter, from which you order your food.

So I got myself a Tunisian breakfast ($18) which is a sizzling pan of red pepper, onion and tomato stew with sliced sausages & two fried eggs, with two huge slices of white bread. The idea of the tomato stew was special, it’s taste was unique as well. After my first few bites of it I thought it was weird-tasting but after that I found it very new and refreshing. The chorizo sausages in the pan stew pulled everything together for a great mouth feel. I feel that the two huge slices of bread were redundant, it would be better if they could be replaced with a bigger pan of stew.



English Breakfast ($22) of creamy scrambled eggs, pork sausage, sauteed mushrooms, baked beans, bacon and tomato.


Their dessert of the day was the Passionfruit Cake ($6.50). The cake was light and airy, and very much spongy. For a passionfruit cake, it’s got the right texture and taste, and I veyr much applaud it for that. Possessing the right amount of sweetness, a plus point is that the cake is rather big for a serving (despite what you see in the picture), definitely worth its price.


Restaurant service was brilliant, with the friendly and approachable staff. Overall, the place gave me a great and cosy feel, very much matching it’s slogan – “Wild Honey – No Place Like Home”. There is also a bar area overlooking Orchard road great for people-watching.

333A Orchard Road


Mandarin Gallery Singapore 238897



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