Haato & Co


Haato is a Japanese brand in Singapore that sells its most featured gelato ice cream and other premiums such as waffles, cakes and coffee. Its ice-cream is manufactured in Singapore, based on recipes from Japan. Their main branch at Ridgewood Close offers Asian & Western meals for lunch and dinner as well. Currently, Haato even has a log cake to go along with the festive season.

I asked for some flavors to recommend from the employee and received the replies of Royal Chocolate, Cookies and Cream and Rum and Raisin. Their squarish ice-cream cones look pretty cool, but I decide to settle for a small cup of Royal Chocolate ($3.50). The adjective ‘royal’ was well-used to describe it, it being very thick, dark and just chocolatey. However, it has a similar/common taste as some other chains’ chocolate ice cream that I’ve tried before, so it was nothing too special.


At the same time, I thought that having just a midget cup of ice-cream won’t be doing justice to myself. I was delighted to find that they serve waffles too. You can choose to have gelato with your waffle, enjoy some special ones with whipped cream and berries and stuff but I like to have my waffles plain as well. The Waffle with Butter & Maple syrup ($5.20) did not disappoint, the waffle was thick and fluffy of a nice golden brown, and of the right consistency of how a waffle should be.


Overall, the waffle appealed more to me than the ice-cream did so a commendable mention to it. If I have the chance I would definitely be back to try some other flavors.

23 Serangoon Central
NEX Mall, Singapore


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