O’ Coffee Club

Many of the commuters traveling to and fro town and the central business district would recognize Coffee Club as one of a “friendlier” place for chat over lunch. Among the other chains of coffee franchises, Coffee Club is slightly different from them, in the sense that they are more of a restaurant outlet serving all three meals of the day. The outlets are also located in town or business districts. For instance, I love how one of them is in Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City.

It was disappointing to say that the Chicken Lasagna ($13) did not meet any expectation I had as one of my favorite dishes. The composition of the ingredients was not right, the pale orange color depicted a weird quality of the pasta. One word that came to my mind when I tried it was: weird. However I doubt that the other main dishes would turn out like that as well. Do tell me any good ones that you’ve come across at OCC.


I reckon that since the name O’ Coffee Club suggests a coffee chain, it might do some good to try out the drinks here as well. The Mocha Tropicana ($7.50) was great, a well blend of the right amount of mocha and chocolate. I couldn’t remember the exact concoction of it though.


I love how the desserts at Coffee Club are put a lot of effort into, especially in terms of aesthetics. Each one is presented to its prettiest. So the Gooey Choco Monkey Tart ($8.50) was very chocolatey, and the bananas inside was a pleasant surprise. It made the stuffing, filling cake bearable throughout. What’s better than that? Strawberries, icing sugar, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a piece of waffle biscuit to top it off! (PS I heard the mud pie is a must try as well.)


The outlet I went to at Millennia Walk had an airy, fresh atmosphere with comfortable interiors and pleasant service. Other than the coffee chains there, chocolaterias lined side-by-side the many eateries are also worth a visit.

9 Raffles Boulevard
Millennia Walk
Singapore 039536


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