Raindrops Cafe

A quaint, cosy cafe tucked away from the bustling and hustling of Scape at Somerset in Singapore, Raindrops Cafe is indeed neatly and not so cleverly hidden behind the entertainment centre in town. Having read some friendly reviews on it, and shopping round the area, I recommended it to my friend for dinner.

I would have to say that it was a very relaxing dinner over at Raindrops, which serves mainly western creations including a selection of mains, pastas, sandwiches and desserts. Being in the mood for some hearty pasta, I had the Light Brown Beef fettucine (below), while my dining companion had the Mushroom Carbonara (further below). I noticed that mushrooms are a common ingredient in their dishes, so do head down if you’re a mushroom fan!


Both pastas were of cream base, with the mushroom carbonara being a lot creamier, while the fettucine I had was a lot drier, which I thought would be better if more moistened. Moreover, the beef was not as “light” as expected. The pasta made me quite full, so it was a hearty dinner I wanted indeed. What I like is the dining atmosphere in the cafe, everything was done simple yet incorporated with a unique touch. It was like a glasshouse amidst a casual landscape of green and brown and the feel is enhanced especially on a light rainy day full of Raindrops. Having a small interior also made the cafe seem a lot cosier, with a few tables in the alfresco area.


All in all, I wouldn’t say that the food was absolutely fantastic, but I’ll definitely drop by while around the area to have a take on some of their more popular Western mains and pizzas and to experience it’s dining charm again.

2 Orchard Link



Singapore 237978

Operates 11am – 1am daily


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