[Advertorial] Luxby Chocolates


Luxby – a chocolate discovery subscription service.

Thanks to David Tan, founder of Luxby for sharing about Luxby with me. Around 6 months ago, it originated from a trial box with truffles and pralines. However, due to high sensitivity to temperature and humidity, he decided to change them to chocolate bars for a higher resistance against those factors.

Luxby is now a full-fledged chocolate bar delivery service which delivers a box of premium chocolates to subscribers every month. It’s really nice to see such new services operating. Hassle-free and very much convenient for the chocolate lovers cum online shoppers.

What I loved about Luxby Chocolates is their choice of chocolates. Unlike the usual brands in Singapore, Luxby selects award-winning, boutique artisan chocolates hardly seen in Singapore from all over the world. Think Italy, France, USA, Belgium, Switzerland and more…


2 types of boxes are available – Box of 2 (2 chocolate bars) and Box of 3 (3 chocolate bars).

I had the box of 3 alongside with dear friend Amanda to help me taste them as well. Cafe Tasse’s milk chocolate from Belgium was a spot on for me. There were touches of salted caramel to every edge of the chocolate bar, which had me hooked to it. Adding on to my addiction were hazelnut bits. Crunchy.

Waialua’s Estate 70% cacao extra dark bars from USA came with a gradual tinge of sweetness from the flavor of berries. A lingering aftertaste stays in the mouth – not overwhelming but it satisfies. And lastly, Dolfin’s earl grey chocolate from Belgium is certainly good for earl grey lovers. With a scent of dark chocolate and tea, it was quite pleasant.


A premium option for gifting is on the way, featuring a better looking, hard cover and textured box with a pretty gift card and hand written message. Easily sent as surprises to your loved ones!

You can either subscribe to their monthly chocolates or simply buy the product “a la carte”. The notion of bringing the world of chocolates to your doorstep is certainly offered.

Find out more at their site www.luxby.sg


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