Blackball Singapore


Behold the revival of Taiwanese desserts in Singapore. It has been a while since Blackball started operations, so I’m sure their name wouldn’t have gone unheard. With 6 outlets in Singapore currently, it’s quick expansion over a short period of a year or so shows how much popularity they’ve gained. I hope for continuous expansion too, for the outlet at Bugis+ which I frequent seems to be overcrowding.

If you’re at Blackball, it seems silly not to get the Blackball Signature ($4.90). Mostly found on every table at the outlets, a bowl of the signature consists of pearls, red bean, grass jelly, yam ball, yam, taro, sweet potato and sweet potato balls – basically a combination of every ingredient found on their menu put together into what have won many Singaporeans’ stomachs. You can choose to have it either hot, warm, cold or icy. (For me it’s a mandatory cold/icy.)

As for their drinks, perhaps you may want to think twice. I felt that the pearl milk tea I had was mediocre and not worth its price. I would get my favorite cup of Koi anytime.


Being a person who is more fond of chocolate cakes, ice cream and pies, I’m here to say that I’ve become a fan of the Blackball Signature. Unfortunately for my second visit there half of the ingredients were sold out and I could only make do with what they had left. So, advice is, get there as early as possible for the freshest and most abundant.


201 Victoria Street

Bugis+ #01-14

12pm – 11pm daily


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