As it’s name suggests, Artistry is a casual cafe which essentially promotes art. Each period of time features a different exhibition/gallery of art pieces from both local and international artists, on display. But let’s be honest here – I can never seem to appreciate artwork. Never an art person. The frames of work being hung up served merely as decor to me. Still, I love the little space here.


It’s a little further down the road from buzzing Bugis Street till you reach Artistry. The exterior of the cafe is most distinguishable from across the street with its bold purplish-grey painted walls with white windows placed in stark contrast with them. Indoors, it is certainly much more comfortable with cooling air and music playing from the speakers.


On a mid-morning of a Saturday I had managed to spend some quality quiet time with a friend here. The Red Velvet Cake here is no doubt one of the most photogenic ones I’ve ever seen. Thankfully, it tasted quite as well as it looked. The massive spam of coconut frosting sure helped a lot. Overall, not an overly sweet red velvet.


We also had the Lemon Poppy Seed Cake to take a break from its creamy, rich counterpart (red velvet). It was a little dense for a lemon cake but the poppy seeds gave some good texture to the cake. Oh yes, don’t forget to call for a cup of caffeine from the barista.




17 Jalan Pinang

Tuesdays to Sundays 10am – 7pm


One thought on “Artistry

  1. Beautiful photos, I’d love to go here! That Red Velvet cake looks like it came straight from heaven!

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