Drury Lane

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Meet new kid on the block of Tanjong Pagar, Drury Lane. No doubt that the cafe scene is so very happening these days. Even their names are becoming more attractive. I later found out that Drury Lane is a street in London, which explains my sense of attachment towards it.

The first level of the cafe features a miniature table and stools right next to the entrance along with a stretch of bar table and coffee-making counter running parallel to each other. Nothing too eye-catching, really. The second level, on the other hand, is impressionable. Think hippy with a touch of vintage. One side of the wall is plastered with a white textured wallpaper. Crates bearing potted plants are hung up along with each wooden table. I love the atmosphere there.

Brown Coffee ($5.50) is somewhat like a mocha except that the chocolate layers within are more distinct. For someone who loves both her hot chocolate and coffee, it is a fantastic ratio between caffeine and chocolate.

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Visiting the cafe on a weekday, I was bummed that pancakes are only served on the weekend brunch menu because the range of pancakes offered here do seem fluffy to my liking (judging from instagram posts and comments). Nonetheless I ordered Salmon Baked Eggs ($12) from the weekday breakfast/brunch menu. It is definitely an appropriate getaway from the usual scrambled and poached eggs. Underneath the salmon slices on the white piping hot bowl is a goulash-like tomato stew of baked eggs together with beans. The heaviness of the dish may get you a little sick overtime though. I would also appreciate it if the 2 slices of toast could be softer.

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Save some space for their pastries and desserts. They consist of muffins, cupcakes and tarts with new additions every once in a while. When asked, the guy at the counter recommended me the Chocolate Tart ($4), which at the display counter looks just like an ordinary chocolate tart you can expect to find in normal bakeries. When it was served to me, icing was already sprinkled all over it (at the display counter it wasn’t). First reaction – so pretty! Then, I realized the chocolate flows. A chocolate lava tart! (the chocolate filling looked solid before that) I think I’ve found my new favorite dessert. Of course, the chocolate, which is less thick than that of lava cakes, complemented the crisp of the tart very well.

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I believe Drury Lane has great potential. If not for the constant racing against the new arrivals of cafes and restaurants I would probably pay a few more visits back here. It gets rather crowded and noisy here during the weekends though, so get a place early. 

94 Tanjong Pagar Road

Singapore 08851

Mondays, Wednesdays – Fridays 9am – 10pm

Saturdays & Sundays 10am – 6pm

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