Common Man Coffee Roasters

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Hip coffee roastery, bar and restaurant Common Man Coffee Roasters is the latest talk of the town. This newest venture is a collaboration between Harry Grover of Forty Hands, the Spa Esprit Group as well as Five Senses Coffee from Australia. With such a huge tie-in comprising popular figures from the coffee/f&b scene, it’s no doubt that this place will remain packed on weekends with a queue during lunch hours. I too, was eager to visit. I’ve heard much about Five Senses Coffee from those who’ve had their coffees in Australia just recently. I’ve sipped good coffees at Forty Hands. I’ve relished every morsel of food at House Dempsey, a casual western restaurant brought to you by the Spa Esprit Group. I guess the collaboration creates an impact, such that social media is booming with reviews and snapshots of this place.

The dimly-lit space emits some cool, modern vibes. Upon entering, you’re faced with an 8 metre long coffee bar where you can watch baristas at work. Very retro indeed. Somehow, it feels more of a bar than a cafe. Overall, the ambience is laid-back and fun – my ideal place to have a good Sunday brunch.

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Latte ($5) and Cappuccino ($5)

If you can’t decide between that burger, big breakfast or eggs benedict, order a cup of coffee first.  The coffees here are definitely strong and if you’re feeling adventurous go for their filtered coffees.
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Possibly one of the best eggs benedict I’ve had, the Organic eggs benedict ($24) braised ox cheeks, two poached organic eggs and chive hollandaise, with artisanal sourdough toast is a must-try for egg lovers out there. The eggs were cooked extra soft and gooey on the inside yet staying firm on the outside – exactly how the perfect eggs benedict should be done. Let’s not forget about the ox cheeks lying beneath them eggs which probably added much to the price but I’m not complaining. They were superbly tender, nearly giving that melt in your mouth feeling.

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Another recommended dish was the Common Man burger ($28) 100% ground ribeye, provolone, grilled tomatoes, caramelised onions and pickled guindilla on a fluffy brioche bun with fries. I would credit the most to the ribeye patty, which was rather well done and of quality. I wish they could swap the mediocre fries with my favorite truffle fries, though.

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Unlike the traditional Spanish churros, Common Man’s Churros ($12) sugar-dusted fluffy churros with a luscious chocolate sauce were a lot more chewy and sticky on the inside rather than being fluffy as stated in the description. I thought it was alright (would’ve preferred a fluffier version). Nonetheless, the remaining 2 desserts on the menu sound promising – a mango panna cotta and creme caramel.
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Just like many other cafes, CMCR has the usual all-day breakfast concept serving usual brunch favorites. What distinguishes them from the “many other cafes” is how they prepare the same dishes in a much better way. I guess this makes them stand out from the rest. Many people have pointed out the hefty prices for their food which can go up to $30 for a normal portion size but still…. It doesn’t change the fact that Common Man has got to be one of my favorite brunch places so far.

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22 Martin Road


Singapore 239058

Tel: +65 6836 4695

8am – 7pm daily


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