Salt Grill & Sky Bar

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Belonging to the list of the many places I’ve long wanted to go, Salt Grill and Sky Bar sits in the heart of Singapore and is perched 55 stories up high. With the sun shining in from those ceiling-to-floor glass panels, you can expect your lunch to appear exceptionally photogenic. The backdrop? A clean, white romantic table setting contrasted with red standing chandelier lamps. Sky dining at its best. Helmed by Luke Mangan, Salt Grill follows a modern Australian concept together with it’s sister restaurant Salt Tapas and Bar which I’ve yet to try out.

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We were whisked to ION Sky via a separate lift by the ION art gallery. A perk of dining in Salt is that you gain complimentary access to the Ion Sky Observatory (which would cost 16 bucks normally) which takes up the space next to the restaurant. The skyline of Singapore may not be fantastic, but a panoramic view of the island is soothing and stress-relieving nonetheless.

You can't say no to complimentary bread

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Crab Omelette

Instead of the usual buttermilk pancakes and full Aussie breakfast I thought I would go for something more interesting ie the Crab Omelette ($34). A layer of omelette wraps round some fresh crab meat  and, together with a miso and mustard broth, creates a seemingly light and healthy dish for brunch. There’s also a tinge of herb in the broth which complemented the taste and smell of crab meat.

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And of course the best appetizer is Truffle Parmesan Fries ($14). The one here is definitely going on my list of the best truffle fries in Singapore. These skinny shoe-string fries were adequately tossed in truffle oil and came with an addictive, powering smell.

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Off the brunch menu, we also had the Salmon Eggs Benedict ($31). I thought “For a $31 eggs benedict, it better be really really good”…. and thankfully I wasn’t disappointed, there was not much I could nitpick about their rendition of the classic item.  Instead of lox or smoked salmon, gravlax is used – salmon marinated with salt, sugar and dill. Just when I thought smoked salmon was my favorite, this cured salmon reached a new peak. The colors of the hollandaise, oozing yolk, spinach and salmon directly translates to freshness and quality.

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Passionfruit Martini ($16) 

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If I could, I would’ve gotten everything on the dessert menu – you have items such as a Mocha Brulee ($18) and Lemongrass Panna Cotta ($19) to entice you. Ultimately, I went for the Souffle ($22) and it may be overly sweet but it was balanced out by a nutty scoop of ice cream. Unfortunately the bottom layer was too moist for my liking.

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We ended up spending about $163 for the 2 of us. I’d consider it quite a pricey brunch, even after factoring in the level and type of dining. Not that I would mind coming back though. The Sky Bar on the 56th level seems like a rather sleek place to have martinis too. Another issue I had was with the air-conditioning. With the sun directly above us on a blistering afternoon, I thought a cooler setting would deem us more comfortable. Other than that, it was pretty much a splendid experience.

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4 thoughts on “Salt Grill & Sky Bar

  1. Koon says:

    Nice photographs you got there! I like them a lot.

  2. Food Esteem says:

    I’ve just been there last week!
    I love the crab omelette too, and its my favorite! And similarly, the souffle is too moist.. Had better ones elsewhere, thus this is quite a disappointment.. But other than this, this place is still awesome 🙂

  3. alexcrumb says:

    Love this xx Beautiful shots right here

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