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Montana Brew Bar entered the cafe scene last year with interesting waffles and burgers at affordable prices, making it one of the cafes that stand out more. I too myself have been a fan, having tried their food at the old premises. Great news for the foodies out there: Montana has gone big and better, having switched units at PoMo and occupying two levels now.

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Don’t be confused by the differing themes of the two levels. The new Montana is based on a 3-in-1 concept within the same restaurant. The first level is occupied by South Bronx, a casual burger bar serving up burgers and booze while the second level is occupied by Montana Brew Bar serving waffles and pasta as well as Fabulous Dough serving donuts. Collectively, they make up Montana Singapore.

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Fans of the old Montana Brew Bar need not worry as their signature waffles are making a comeback – with the same old quality and consistency. My all-time (both past and current) favourite has to be the Truffle Jalapeno Mac & Cheese Waffle ($12). Months of research and experimenting resulted in this waffle-lised mac and cheese which is topped with white truffle oil and served with jalapeno tomato dip on the side. Though the hints of truffle are quite faint, this waffle can still be easily ranked as one of the best savoury waffle in Singapore.

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Look out for a strong contender of the Mac & Cheese Waffle – the Assam Crab Waffle ($18). Inspired by the kedah laksa, this assam-spiced waffle is topped with seasoned crab meat and pineapple cucumber salsa. Fortunately, the sourness from the assam is not too overpowering and the waffle is not overly spicy. Overall, a very refreshing dish.

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The last savoury waffle we had that day was the Bulgogi Beef Waffle ($16) made of gochujang rice waffle with sous vide bulgogi beef, orange sesame coleslaw, sous vide poached egg and bonito. The rice waffle is pretty soft and came with a spicy aftertaste that sets in slowly. A decent dish but compared to the previous two, this waffle was underwhelming.

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From the dessert waffles menu, the Red Velvet Waffle ($11) – a red velvet waffle stack with vanilla ice cream and white chocolate rose sauce is making a return, looking as tall, steady and aesthetically pleasing as before.

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The new Black Velvet Waffle ($14) is NOT a charcoal waffle. It is instead a black sesame waffle with black miso caramel and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream coated with black chocolate. The subtle flavour of black sesame in the waffle won me over immediately. It also gave a tinge of sweetness to the waffle.

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Marnier Brew ($6.50) – grand marnier coffee with a coconut sphere. This is essentially cold brew infused with coconut water once the sphere melts. Unlike normal cold brews you find in Singapore with a strong, sour and acidic taste, this one is much milder in taste. The coconut water helped to sweeten the cold brew in an unusual yet interesting way.

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Over at South Bronx, we shared some sides like the Beer Battered BBQ Chicken Wings ($7) and Mac & Cheese Fritters with Tomato Relish Dip ($8) which weren’t too bad at all.

All burgers are served with triple fries comprising curly, straight cut and criss cut fries to accommodate everyone’s preferences.

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Sir Spam-A-Lot ($12) – fried egg, luncheon meat patty, smoked bacon, grilled pineapple ring, spicy BBQ mayo.

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The Original Rump Shaker ($12) – South Bronx original, house-made beef patty, signature sauce, smoked bacon, melted cheese slice. Preferred the beef patty burgers to the luncheon meat patty burgers.

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Our favourite amongst the three burgers is probably The Mac Daddy ($16) – beef patty topped with jalapeno mac and cheese. I never knew mac and cheese could work well in a burger, but somehow it complemented the beef patty rather well. There was a spicy kick to the dish, thanks to the jalapeno.

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Montana is one of the cafes you must visit this year if you haven’t done so. Despite the major renovation and revamping works, their prices remain affordable even for students. As for food quality, it has remained as consistent as ever. After all, they do take feedback very seriously.

Thanks Amanda and Montana Singapore for the invitation!

Montana Brew Bar

1 Selegie Road



8am – 10pm daily


South Bronx Burgers

1 Selegie Road



Mon – Thu, Sun 11am – 10pm

Fri & Sat 11am – 12am


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