Brunch in Boston – Loyal Nine and Tatte Bakery

Loyal Nine 5

I spent a short 2 days and 1 night in Boston while on a trip in NYC. It was my first time riding the Amtrak which ran from Penn Station in Manhattan. The seats were quite comfortable but the ride a tad too shaky for me – or at least when compared to the KTX in Korea. Right after arriving and dropping our bags off at the hotel, we headed out to our brunch spot in East Cambridge.

Loyal Nine 8

Loyal Nine 7

Loyal Nine exudes of rustic, American vibes the moment you step in. Since I was there on a sunny afternoon, the space was also cast with the midday sunlight and shadows. It’s a space not to be missed.

Loyal Nine 1

Loyal Nine 6

From the lunch menu, I ordered the Fried Chicken Sandwich (US$12) served with creamy slaw and pickled jalapenos while my friend got the Duck, Mushroom, Farro (a type of whole grain made from a certain species of wheat) (US$11). The seemingly odd combination went well and it tasted really healthy at the same time.

Loyal Nine 3

Loyal Nine 4

I would love to have their weekend brunch.

Loyal Nine – 660 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02141, USA.

Beacon Hill 5

The next morning was spent admiring the iconic Beacon Hill neighbourhood. The gloomy weather, though making travelling around harder, made the colours of the brick-red buildings pop. And although I’ve seen the cobblestones of Acorn Street often on photos online, seeing it directly was still fascinating.

Beacon Hill 6

Beacon Hill 2

Beacon Hill 1

If you’re looking for brunch in Beacon Hill, Tatte Bakery, which opens all day, is a pretty good choice. Being one of the most popular bakeries in Boston, the Beacon Hill outlet I went was always crowded with customers that come and go.

Tatte 3

Their House Latte – Honey Halva & Cardamom Latte (US$4.75) is worth a mention for its natural sweetness from the honey and its complex flavours from cardamom.

Tatte 1

Tatte 2

And then the Greek Style Pancakes (US$11) topped with Greek yogurt, sesame, and jam is worth many, many mentions for the right consistency in the pancakes. The Chicken, Orange & Kale Salad (US$14) that I got was also not dry at all.

Beacon Hill 7

Tatte Bakery – 70 Charles Street, Boston, MA 02114. Mon to Fri 7am-8pm, Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 8am-7pm. Several outlets.

Beacon Hill 4

Beacon Hill 3

Visiting Boston during the wintry days was not exactly the best option but one of the very few options for me. Managed to see a few other places as well – Brattle Book Shop, Boston Public Library, Boston Commons, Harvard Square, Boston Public Market, Boston Public Garden – but the frigid and rainy weather made it hard for photographs. Loved the old American charms of the city though.


3 thoughts on “Brunch in Boston – Loyal Nine and Tatte Bakery

  1. Anshi Roy says:

    Nice way to say good morning. Thank you for sharing this amazing post.

  2. ClaudiaMorningstar says:

    Place (inside block) looks grate!

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