Anna’s Sourdough – new cafe in Oasis Terraces


Knowing that a new café had opened at Oasis Terraces which was close to my hood, and one that features sourdough no less, I was patiently waiting till that sunkissed Sunday morning where I headed down as early as possible.


Streaming in at 9am to secure a good spot in the alfresco area, I was surprised to see the café about 70% occupied. In fact, a queue started to form outside shortly after I was seated, and it only got longer when I left. 


The staff at the counter were kind to offer a few pieces of their Chocolate Rye Sourdough ($24) for me to try – it was a loaf made with a rye base, lusciously rich with chocolate and cold retarded for a minimum of 16 hours. I would have bought it on the spot if not for the pretty hefty price tag.

We then started our brunch proper with the Flat White ($5 for reg, $6 for large) and Mocha ($6, +$1 for oat). I had the latter and thoroughly enjoyed it thanks to the smoothness and distinct notes of Callebaut chocolate. Non-coffee drinkers might want to try the variety of Fizzes and Smoothies made with sourdough starter.


All of the choices in the food menu features sourdough as a key ingredient and for the sourdough lover in me, it was hard picking what I can stomach. Eventually, I went for the the Grilled Kimcheese Toastie ($17), which was a hearty dish but unfortunately the kimchi-cheddar & parmesan cheese combination turned out to be very salty. The saltiness was even enhanced with the accompaniment of the tomato bisque. I felt like I had maxed out the RDA of 2000mg of sodium that day with it. Skip this and go for the other toasties. 


The Anna’s Steak and Eggs ($28) was the other dish I tried – essentially a ribeye steak cooked medium with sunny side eggs and sourdough toast. Though I wished I could get the steak medium rare to my preference, it was still decent with smokey flavours and the chimichurri made a good pairing. The chili and black garlic butter served on the side weren’t so much as complementing. 


Out of the desserts on the stand, I picked the Carrot Walnut Sourdough ($8) which unlike what I was expecting, the cake was on the denser side and lacking a sweetness. It felt like an overly healthy cake baked by the health-conscious aunt I never had. 


Though there were some hit and misses with the food, the sourdough here is undoubtedly the highlight and still worth a try. Just be prepared to come early or queue. There is also the option to takeaway the loaves. 


681 Punggol Drive, Oasis Terraces #01-06, Singapore 820681

Mon – Thu 8.30am to 5pm, Fri – Sun 8.30am – 6pm


One thought on “Anna’s Sourdough – new cafe in Oasis Terraces

  1. gederedita says:

    wow yummy. Never been to this place. I wanna try this when i come to this place. Thank you for sharing

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