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Pepper Lunch: Go Curry!

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(Curry Rice with Seafood)

If you’re a local, you can’t not have heard of Pepper Lunch.

Originating in Japan where there are about 200 outlets located, Pepper Lunch has been brought to the Asia-Pacific region and its waves have reached onshore of our tiny island. Since then, outlets sprung up everywhere. From full-fledged Pepper Lunch restaurants to the express version in food courts, it is almost impossible not to spot any of them once you step out for shopping.

I guess their attraction points go to the fun of “cooking” your lunch in those sizzling iron plates (which are patented in Japan). What’s better, the smell of your lunch sizzling along with the sizzle. You may come out smelling like you went to a barbecue but I guess that’s not the point. I believe their reasonably priced items make it an ideal place for people especially teenagers nowadays to have a quick lunch. Last but not least, it will be Pepper Lunch’s well formulated pepper rice. There’s just something about the rice with pepper that makes Pepper Lunch, Pepper Lunch. The weirdest thing would be that I have a friend who orders pepper lunch without the pepper.

With more and more additions of items to their menu, I’m nearly spoilt for choice. Or maybe I really am. Recently, I had the Curry Rice with Beef & Hamburg Steak ($11.90), and I found that the Japanese curry used did nothing but good! Japanese curry is mainly sweet rather than spicy and is much thicker than normal curry. Also, with a supplement of $2, you get to choose a side. In my opinion, the miso soup would be the best choice. The more popular items would be their hamburg steak, which is considered quite a cheap bargain for a good piece of steak.

Now, there’s even pepper pasta available at the restaurants!

3 Temasek Boulevard

Suntec City Mall #B1-010
Singapore 038983

Tel: 6884-9828
Fax: 6884-5759

Hours: 11am – 10pm

*Plus 7 other restaurants and 24 express stalls

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