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eM by the River

Situated in The Gallery Hotel, an area cordoned away from the buzz of restaurants at Robertson Quay, eM by the River literally gives you a meal by the quiet corner of the river. I had no idea where to dine while walking round the Quay, so I happened to walk a little further up from it and chance upon the Gallery Hotel.

They made a slight mistake of serving my Tiramisu ($9.00) before any other course that came, but it was alright. It tasted very light, just suitable for an appetizer as well. However, other than that, it looked better than it tasted.

The eM Crispy Wings ($7.00) turned out to be finger-licking prawn paste deep fried chicken wings. Among all types, I would love to have my chicken coated with prawn paste the most. Frying them have a special put on on the wings. They do not exactly taste like prawns but a lovely effect which gets you addicted.

Checking out eM by the River’s All Day Breakfast items is a must. There’s nothing like enjoying a hearty breakfast meal at any time of the day by the River. I especially loved the thin slices of smoked salmon of the Eggs Royale ($17.00); they stole the show. Or perhaps, everything on this particular plate did it.

I was expecting a little more out from the eM Fish n Chip ($19.00); it looked as crisp as possible, and as delightful as ever. However, the results were only mediocre. Don’t get me wrong, the beer battered fish and chips were good, but I was just hoping for a better burst of flavors.

For a cooler dining area, you may want to opt to dine indoors in their comfy couches. The dark side is that it is indeed a darker area compared to outdoors by the river – where most diners have already reserved seats.

The food was decent but not exactly mind-blowing, if you like having eggs and all just stick to their brunch menu for a pleasant experience. The Gallery Hotel also offers some other good Japanese restaurants, and if these aren’t enough, head over to Robertson Walk and Quay and explore the gastronomic package there.

The Gallery Hotel

1 Nanson Road


Singapore 238909

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