Singapore Botanical Gardens

I couldn’t live my life being kept behind bars at home.

Thought I would bring my cammy to a place to photograph, so I ended up at the botanic gardens. Unfornately, I explored less than half of the gardens because my mom was complaining, so I may be going there again soon. No adventure comes half-done to you.

Photos courtesy of yours truly

The path to choose


 Red lustre

I love such flowers that stand out and hit you from nowhere. I literally run to them when I catch sight.

 One fine day

 On a bench

 Bird of paradise

 Mixed skies

IMG_1937 (2)

 A guy

I love the American famillies having their family days there. I love how they do team sports together. And I didn’t capture the guy on purpose…. well maybe for my sole purpose.

 The garden

After some nature trekking, we had dinner at Casa Verde in the gardens. I didn’t have a good dining experience. Almost all the tables were reserved and the waiter led us to a table at which, two huge dogs were resting beside. Don’t find me fickle minded or sensitive, but I dislike the prospect of being too near to animals. And I am not someone who squeals about how cute a dog is for every dog seen on the street. But anyway, we got another table in the end.


The Italian Herbs Roasted Chicken I ordered was quite ordinary, and I would just call it a normal-roasted-chicken if I could. I regretted not ordering the pizza or pasta there because after looking around at other customers’ tables they really looked delightful and more popular…


I was kind of miffed that I didn’t get to have dessert at Casa Verde, so on my way home I went to Starbucks to satisfy my sugar craving. Finally got myself a Starbucks card, as I realised that I’m becoming their addicted fan. Got home two whoopie pies (American cake/cookie/pie that looks like a macaron) – the classic vanilla and cookies and cream, since I’ve never tried them before. I would describe them as sweet cakes – mmm.



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