Pique Nique

Lazy day.

I wandered around Orchard, my current favorite spot for a quick getaway from boredom at home. I was looking for Pique Nique as I read some good reviews about it. I was about to just head into any other cafe I see (because I was feeling rather hungry at 2pm) but then I just spotted it at Ngee Ann City Tower A. 🙂 I could’ve easily gotten the unit number and hunt for it but I do not wish to go to such an extent.
IMG_2023 copy

I stepped in and realised I love the ambience immediately. Cafes with little cute and girly and attractive interiors appeal a lot to me. Service was not bad too.


Previously, I had not tried eggs benedict before so the curiousity in me made me order the Classic Benedict ($12). My verdict? Egg benedicts is so good. I especially love the Hollandaise sauce (the yellow sauce on the egg, made of egg yolk and butter). The burger buns at the bottom were fried to a perfect crisp. I just wished they substituted the fries with a healthier alternative… trying to avoid fries.



Cakes galore! At first I thought of ordering 3 cakes instead of a main course and a cake because the cakes on display looked appetising, and there were a variety of them too. But then I didn’t regret having the eggs benedict.

Triple Chocolate Cheese Cake ($7.50). Indeed heavenly. First layer – cream milk chocolate. Second layer – cheesecake. Third layer – dark chocolate brownie with nuts. Forget the noodles and rice, I can live by desserts forever.

The cafe should let the waiters bring the bill to us, instead of the customers having to pay the bill at the cashier. This is just probably a lazy remark, but we do pay a service charge.

I aim to be there again to try their mac & cheese and other cakes. 🙂


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