Blue Mountain Cafe

Let’s just say I did not have the best lunch experience at this cafe, but I guess it could be blamed on my poor choice of food and just recovered stomach (from a gastric flu) on the day I patronised it. Gastric flu’s a terrible thing. You lose appetite for whatever food and you seem to feel full after a few mouthfuls of the best thing in the world. All you want to do is lie on the couch and sleep. Anyway, I digress.

Blue Mountain Cafe gives you a comfy feel as you pass by it, what with the brown furniture. However I don’t like how they use blue cups to contrast with the brown table thinking it’s a good combination. It serves affordable and mainly western food but you may not want to expect too much out of it.


I thought that the Sweet & Sour Fish Baked Rice ($12.90) sounded special enough so I went with it. Unfortunately I am not really a sweet-and-sour person so I ddid not have the appetite to polish off the plate. For lovers, this may just be right for now. My first bite into this dish was really heavenly, especially since it came piping hot from the oven. I find it a good fusion of western and chinese cuisine.


I did not feel like ordering any more food but not buying a dessert is not doing justice to myself. The Chocolate Heaven ($5.20) was basically just a chocolate cake full of nothing but chocolate. Some complete chocolatey cakes can pull off and give a strong but not sick flavor however it wasn’t really the case for this cake. I don’t like how the chocolate cream that takes up most of the cake taste ordinary as house brand chocolate and made me feel sick after a few more bites. If that was the case, they should have more sponge layers of cake in between the creamy chocolate.



Affordable prices, decent food. Up to you.


Blue Mountain Cafe
313 Somerset Road
313 @ Somerset
Opening Hours : 10am to 11pm

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