EwF by Everything With Fries + Botanical Gardens II + Dialogue in the Dark

It was a great, great day out with two of my closest primary school friends. It’s been a year! 🙂


Alright so I met Guo Xuan at the MRT platform, and he wasn’t happy about me being 7 minutes late. Ok but that didn’t become that much of a great deal anymore, since Yi Xian ended up 24 minutes late. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone so late before. But anyway, it was depressing to see both of them taller than me now. Boohoo. We headed to Holland Village and had lunch at Everything With Fries.



This is quite a casual restaurant serving western food in affordable prices. After today’s lunch there, my verdict is that you gotta try this place! For starters, Guo Xuan and I had the One Egg Soup ($4.90). Even though the egg broth tasted a little weird for me, I would still say that the dish is itself a unique one. I especially love the deep fried egg white in the middle of the dish which makes it superb.


For Mains, I had the Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich ($9.90) along with Yi Xian. Every main course at EwF comes with coleslaw or baby caesar salad and a fries which you can choose to either have it shoestring or straight cut, and they come in 5 different flavors: garlic & herbs, sour cream & onion, curry, original, vinegar. I chose shoestring fries with sour cream & onion.

The sandwich was rather tasty, what with the bread toasted to a perfect crisp, and the ham and melted cheese being fused into a great item especially suitable for brunch. The caesar salad was crisp too, and sprinkled with an enriching seasoning which I can’t make out of. The sour cream and onion fries were more disappointing, as they start to taste bland to me after a while. Guo Xuan tried their fish sandwich and said that it was really really nice. Now I kind of regret not having it.

IMG_2256 (2)

The serving sizes there were more than adequate for us, and we felt quite full after the mains. But nothing is complete without desserts. Ah. I ordered their most popular dessert item over there, the Nutella Tart ($5.90). Now listen. It is the best slice of cake I’ve ever had in my life so far. GX and YX should regret not having it. Being a huge lover of nutella, this cake was the best for me. It had oreo biscuit for its base which was incredible. The cake is purely nutella-based and is even better than scooping out nutella from the jar and eating it.

40 Lorong Mambong

Holland Village

Tel: +65 6463 3741

Sun-Thurs: 12pm-11pm

Fri-Sat/Eve of P.H.: 12pm-1am


After that we were hesitating about where to go next. YX’s suggestion of Bukit Timah Hill put me and GX off. Apparently I do not like to get up close with animals and it just didn’t sound appealing. In the end we ventured off to the Botanical Gardens since it was a couple of stops away. GX, being a fan of kiddy stuff, suggested to go into the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. However it was unfortunately only accessible to children below 12. A fail.



Under the sweltering heat, we were unable to continue walking to the other end of the gardens, so we sat on a bench and rested for a moment, till we decided to visit Dialogue in the Dark. The entrance fee is 12 bucks and bookings have to be made in advance. As GX was using my phone to make the booking, he said “Crystal” when asked for his name. And I think the entire staff of helpers there at Ngee Ann Poly is spreading this joke around. It is basically an entire experience/journey in the dark for an hour. You cannot see anything at all, so you experience how it is like being a blind person for an hour. We were given a walking cane each and assigned to a visually impaired guide who will help and guide us along the journey.


It is a pretty cool experience, even though it was scary not knowing where to walk at all. Throughout this trail we will “visit” places like a forest, market, hop into a boat ride, roads, and at last come to a bar where we can buy drinks. Unfortunately for us the cookies have already been sold out so we all opted for lemon barley. Note that this is still in complete darkness. Then we will sit down and have a short chat with our guide, before we finally see light. We only get to see our guide after the entire thing, which is a pretty good arrangement as you don’t know what to anticipate.


Booking Hotline
(+65) 6460 6222Fax Number
(+65) 6467 6606
Email Addresses

General Enquiries: enquiry_dialogueinthedark@np.edu.sg
General Booking: genbooking_dialogueinthedark@np.edu.sg
School Group Booking: schbooking_dialogueinthedark@np.edu.sg
Marketing / Outreach: marketing_dialogueinthedark@np.edu.sg

Postal Address

Dialogue in the Dark Singapore
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Block 5 #01-03
Singapore 599489


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