Universal Studios Singapore

The power of time. I went to USS a year ago, and now I’m back with another group of friends!



I love the Hollywood and New York area the most. That’s due to my fetish for the States!



The Revenge of the Mummy ride… after taking it twice last year I completely forgot how scary it felt like. Now the feeling got refreshed in my mind. Help! Body-shaking experience.

This ‘pharaoh’ or whoever you call it accidentally stepped on my foot when we were about to take the picture. I was waiting for him to at least apologise… but I don’t think it’s their policy to do so, seeing his permanently stern look plastered on his face.



We had lunch at Loui’s, located at the New York area. This self-service restaurant serves Italian food and their specialty features the 20-inch pizza. I regretted so, so much not ordering it. Even though the 3 of us couldn’t have finished it I still wanted to try it so much. Having a 20-inch pizza on your dining table is hell’a cool. Well, that was my biggest regret of the day.



 I ordered the Spaghetti with Meatballs ($9.80) and the tomato sauce was great, but the meatballs weren’t the best I tasted. Please blame it on IKEA’s specialty meatballs. You can also choose to have Spaghetti with Sausage ($9.80).

Mozarella sticks! Crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. It would be even better if the cheese is even softer, close to the extent of melting in your mouth.
IMG_2475 (2)

Other dishes include the Beef Lasagna and some cakes as well. Somehow I feel guilty not trying the oreo cheesecake as it was big and looks great. Somehow food looks a little more appetizing in bigger portion sizes.


I really felt like restaurant hopping around all of them in USS because some of them looks great as well.

We were told by kind waiter at Loui’s that the new Transformers ride opening on 3 December 2011 will be having a technical rehearsal/sneak preview today, so of course we had to try that out. The ride brings you on a 3D journey in a ‘car’ and moves you about. Unfortunately I have mild motion sickness and the jerkiness was too much for me to handle so I didn’t feel good. But it’s supposed to be thrilling and the 3D effects creates the thrill, so don’t get the wrong idea from me.


Upon much conviction from my two other friends I finally took the Cylon side of the Battlestar Galactica since they affirmed me that it was not as scary as the Human. Woah. I did not dare to open my eyes at all. The 360 degrees turns were rather scary. There were like sudden gushes of strong winds hitting you and you feel your face being slammed down. However I can now claim that I SURVIVED IT!


We visited the Hershey’s and Garrett’s stalls outside the theme park. Amanda decided to get the customised Hershey’s chocolate syrup bottle on which we get to take a photograph there and be featured on the label. I feel like a model.

IMG_2503 (2)


Thanks Amanda & Rebecca for the great day. Happy birthday Rebecca!


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