Movie Review: Already Famous / Breaking Dawn Part I

These two movies that I watched this week blew my mind away. What a great way to have a nice year end, by having two superb movies watched back-to-back in the cinemas!

I’ll keep this post short because I thought that it won’t be nice to spoil the shows by explaining in detail.

It isn’t typical of me to like local productions, so this is the first exception. Already Famous (一泡而红) features it’s own director Michelle Chong as the main character Ah Kiao, who wants to make it big in life being an actress. So the character goes to Singapore to look for her opportunities and faced setbacks and rejection before finally making a name for herself, while developing a love story with Ah Seng (Alien Huang).

I think the movie can be classified as a comedy. Every scene you watch, be guaranteed that you laugh! I love how the love story is incorporated in slowly into the movie, while not stealing the limelight from the message that is meant to put across based on the storyline.

Anyway, glad that I was able to attend the gala premiere. There was quite a number of fans there and it got kind of stuffy, but the atmosphere was full of euphoria. My first ever real movie premiere experience! In the movie theatre I got a seat so near to the front that I got kind of angry, but I’ll forget it. A plus point is that I was one of the closest to the stage when Michelle & Alien went up.

So… a picture if you’re hungry.

 ———-                                                        ——————–                                                                  —————                                    ——-

Let me tell you one thing first – I’m a Twihard. Or what you call, a diehard Twilight fan.

I feel that Breaking Dawn Part 1 is really the best out of all the Twilight movies so far! And hence it is a superb feeling for me since each Twilight movie surpasses it’s prequel according to my preference. The first part features Bella and Edward’s wedding scene. I find the wedding exceptionally a beautiful scene, especially with the abundance of yellow-white flowers.

The second part is their honeymoon on an island. This is where some of the PG13 parts come in, but it’s really romantic to see how deep their love is.

The third part is the period of Bella’s pregnancy and the birth of their new vampire daughter. I find that Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner’s acting skills were great over here in view of their emotions, especially when they thought Bella had died.

I love how the Twilight movies incorporate some jokes at the beginning of the movies to even out the storyline. This movie portrays more of the romantic love between Edward and Bella. The fact is that they don’t portray cheesy love. I won’t reveal where and how the movie ends, but do stick around after the credits for another scene! I really have to thank Peter Facinelli (the guy who plays Carlisle Cullen) for tweeting about that. Most of the people in the cinema just left like that!

Now I’ve watched the movie twice and I really can’t wait for Breaking Dawn Part 2! The saddest thing for me right now is that it is going to be a long, one year wait. I guess part 2’s main focus would be on the great conflict between the Cullens’ side and the Volturi side, and I hope some intense fighting takes place! You see, I like both romance and action. Which is why I’m drawn into the Twilight Saga as well.

Head into your local theatres today.


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