Bakerzin: Desserts


My current fetish are for cheesecakes. The cheese and the crumb crusted cake. Irrestible.

Bakerzin is becoming a household name recently, especially for it’s array of desserts. I have not yet to try their mains and light bites as I was more eager to taste its sweeter side so do urge me to try if you feel that their mains are worthy as well. The previous time when I got to Bakerzin I tried their Oreo cheesecake which is currently the best oreo cheesecake I ever had. So this time I really felt like having it again but I told myself to always try new stuff.

Even though I feel that the oreo cheesecake tasted better, the New York Cheesecake ($6.50) was something to brag about too. I love how both cheesecakes are creamy rich in texture but not with an overpowering flavor. I also loved how it was soft enough for eating and not like some I tried which were harder and not as creamy.


 Blackforest cheesecake ($6.50)

Bakerzin’s selection of cakes are priced reasonably and maybe even considered cheap if you compare it with other big names. If you’re a food connoiseur just starting an adventure out there, Bakerzin should be your first few places to visit!

1 HarbourFront Walk

#01-207 Vivocity

Singapore 098585


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