Ministry of Steak

Unfortunately this post does not contain any trace of steak. My family is more of a chicken-pork-burger type while I’m the chicken-pasta-pizza-dessert type. But since this place is called Ministry of Steak, I’m guessing it’s steak got to be of some quality? I realised that the Serangoon Gardens Estate area has aplenty of steak houses and I am still trying to figure that out.

The verdict: ordinary food, ordinary prices.

IMG_2528 copy

I was disappointed that my Chic Burger ($6.50) didn’t come with fluffy buns. The bottom bun was a tad dry and hard, honestly. I felt that this burger was nothing but an ordinary burger, as it says by its wrinkled appearance. I thought I was supposed to choose a side salad that came with the burger but I made a mistake and ended up buying a side dish as a la carte… Potato Salad ($1.50).  Maybe cold potato salad is not for me, I would choose piping hot mashed potato with gravy anytime!


I think my dessert fetish is going to switch to Lava Cake ($6.90) anytime soon! Warm, rich chocolate cake…. and when you break it open you find a stream of chocolate gushing out. With a scoop of vanilla ice-cream jealously looking down upon it. Perrrfect. It would have been better if the chocolate sauce in it would be more molten and less solid. The vanilla ice cream was from a local brand and I would definitely love it 10x more if it used one with more substance.


Even though the Banana Split ($6.90) looked appetising with the chocolate sauce drizzled over it but I still do not like how their ice cream used were from ordinary brands. It made me feel that the food was not worth it.

 Chicken & sausage Combo ($13.90) that came with chosen sides of mashed potato and crabmeat & corn. They tasted ordinary.

Those living in the Serangoon Gardens Estates are quite lucky to have a fare of local food as well as these steakhouses for them to choose anytime! Maybe I should have tried the steak over here?

Serangoon Garden Estate

4 Maju Avenue, S556682


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