I’ve heard some rave reviews about this restaurant, even two friends asked me out there one after the other. P.S Sorry I didn’t go with you GX, another group of friends tagged me first. Hatched is an all-day brunch restaurant at Evans Lodge, near Bukit Timah road.  The most interesting thing is that it serves egg-based dishes! You can’t ever get enough of eggs. It’s menu was a cute starter for us already!


Now, this place may not be very accessible if you don’t live around the area, there are no train stations or bus stops near it, the nearest being Botanic Gardens. It was after that when I found out that the residential area behind the restaurant is a hostel. Even though we went on a weekday, the place was crowded and we had to wait for a seat. It would be advisable to make a reservation first, as it’s interior can fit no more than 30 people.


POACHED EGG: A rising to fame brunch item would be eggs benedict. The Sir Benedict ($12 for one, $18 for two) was quite good (as stated by my buddies). However it is advisable to have two eggs since the portion size of an egg benny is not enough to satisfy your tummy.


SUNNY SIDE UP: I ordered the Croque Madame ($14) which is grilled egg, cheese and ham sandwich with greens. I felt that the sandwich bread was nicely grilled till a crispy interior and fluffy exterior. The goodness of a sandwich is when all the ingredients in it suit each other and I believe that this combination of egg, cheese and ham is better than a hamburger of steak and egg. The garden greens were refreshing too. The serving size was just right for a very satisfying and filling brunch/lunch. Mmm.


SCRAMBLED EGG: The Papillote ($14) looked gorgeous, what with the color of fresh salmon complementing the sunny yellow of scrambled eggs. One thing to note is not to ignore the firmly shaped tomato, it tastes great.


Even from the exterior of the restaurant, it looked like a cosy and the right place to be. Now, I might contemplate whether to visit this place or not again. The decent brunch food is great and the ambience is casual and comfortable (especially if you get a table by the window). And if you didn’t know, my mouth has been bombarded by tons of eggs since young.

26 Evans Road

#01-06 Evans Lodge

Singapore 259367


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