Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie

I’m a dessert person. I crave desserts everyday!


Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie currently has 5 outlets islandwide namely Robertson Walk, Shaw Centre, Shaw Lido, Paragon and Raffles City Shopping Centre that specialises in desserts, and is one of the most recommended dessert places that I’ve heard of.  Canele is helmed by executive chef Christophe Grilo after Chef Pang Kok Keong left for Pique Nique and Antoinette. It also serves all-day dining specials like pasta and sandwiches.

The outlet I visited was the one at Shaw Centre, a good place to watch the buzz of people walking up and down Orchard Road, as well as to enjoy some afternoon high tea.  An alfresco dining area is also available if you prefer some fresh air.

I’ve heard praises of the macarons at Canele, so I decided to try them out! The macarons are priced at $2.50 each ($2.30 for takeaway) while the christmas special macarons are at $2.80 each, even though I do not know which ones are the christmas ones. I love how their macaron shells have crisp exterior but softer interior! Next time I’ll have problems choosing between whoopie pies and macarons.

The Hazelnut macaron was what I feel, nutty with hazelnut bits in it. I would love it more if it could be sweeter like hazelnut chocolates.


The Feuilletine macaron was chocolatey and it’s taste was considered quite normal to me.


The Pistachio macaron was incredibly sweet! It’s sweetness was overwhelmingly good and not in a way that will make you sick of it.


Up next, the Salty Caramel! That was my first time trying salty caramel and even though I feel that I may be more suited for caramel than salty caramel, the taste was still unique. Somehow, the shell for this macaron was more crispy than the rest, and this complemented the salty caramel very well. I wonder if it is done to fit this purpose? Between the salty caramel and pistachio, I could not decide which was the best one I had that day. Now I am tempted to buy a macaron tree home!


My 3 other dining companions all had the Sweet Island Paradise sundae ($12.50) for they thought the description in the menu sounded heavenly. Nonetheless, it failed to disappoint them, all of them agreeing that it tastes good. Judging from it’s appearance, it did not disappoint me as well. It looked like a good mix of ingredients like chocolate and fruits.


1 Scotts Road

#01-01A/B Shaw Centre

Singapore 228208


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