Tea Cosy

First of all, Merry Christmas to my fellow readers! I’m a stalker who looks at my number of readers everyday and I’m nothing but full of delight when the number soars and people tell me how nice my blog is to read. And so because of all of you, I’ve decided to blog a post today as well! Hardworking mode πŸ™‚ With only a few days left to a brand new year ahead, let’s do nothing but indulge in nothing and nothing but food. πŸ˜‰

Even people who frequent Plaza Singapura may not come to take note of this little, dimly lit cafe-cum-ornament store at the corner of level 5. People walking by may just note it to be a store selling angelic and decorative items for a lovely apartment, but on a closer look it also houses a dine-in area. I was dumbfounded by surprise when I came to know of this place selling comfort food, being a frequent visitor of Plaza Singapura for its Golden Village.


I find the Spicy Tandoori Pita Sandwich ($12.95) an interesting dish. At first glance, the reddish color of the chicken meat did not seem to attract my tastebuds. However, you will find that upon tasting, the pita and chicken fused well with the tomato and cucumber to create a great sandwich. The only bad thing about it was its meagre serving size, for I find it not filling enough. They were small enough to be considered mini bites.


Dessert time! Their cupcakes on display looked colorful but in the end I opted for the Ebony and Ivory (). One thing to say about this and that is, it was great! 4 bite-sized portions of sinful scoops of vanilla ice cream atop warm chocolate brownie – goodness. The serving was just right for a dessert: not too little to complain about or too much to feel fearful of.


Tea Cosy also offers a high tea set which is commendable as well. Other than eating, you can go shopping under the same unit! All the ornaments and items on display are for sale! It would be better if the place was brighter, for eating in a dim place really defeats the purpose of eating. Prices would seem a little high for less food, but I thought it was worth a try.

Hope you guys enjoyed your Christmas! Love, Crystal.


Plaza Singapura


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