Ministry of Food (MOF)

2011’s been one heck of a year, and this would be my last post for this… indescribable year. Thoughts, feelings.. I’m at a lost of what to say, I am just mindblown that it had passed so quickly, it took me a while to register that in my head.

Ministry of Food at NEX serves food of Japanese cuisine at affordable prices. Besides that, they are also famous for its Japanese High Tea Buffet ($19.80/pax for adult, $16.80/pax for child) everyday from 2-6pm. Due to my forgetfulness of retrieving the receipt back, the prices won’t be available for the food I had in this post. So I went to dine with my pretty cousin here, as she wants me to put it that way.

Talk about Japanese food, and chawanmushi (steamed egg custard) is a classic favorite that tastes great no matter where you go. No one dare says they don’t like it. The only thing people want is for that cup of delicious steamed goodness to be bigger. The same goes for this cup right here.

I’m not an expert with the different types of ramen, so having tried tonkotsu ramen all the time I tried the Chashu Miso Ramen for the first time. Somehow, the thick, curly and slightly chewy noodles did not appeal much to me and the miso broth was too heavy-tasting for me to slurp it all up. Perhaps it’s because I can only take a couple of spoonfuls of miso soup usually.

I could not remember the name of this dish but it was full of prawns and eggs. The small serving size of the shallow dish seemed insufficient for a cost of almost reaching 10 dollars.

This ricebox consists of chicken, mushrooms and egg but my brother did not seem to enjoy it very much.

We did not get to try it that day but I believe their more popular hotstone rice where you get to “cook” it together with your friends should be of quality.

I was glad that I picked the right dessert after a tip-off from a friend that the ice-cream served here was nothing special. The red bean mochi I ordered was the saving grace. I loved the crispy mochi skin with the tender mochi in it. Topped with red bean and paste, it was simply unique and worth the try.

Beside MOF is a western restaurant, LENAS, which is under the same group as MOF. I’ve heard some good reviews but have yet to try it for myself. Another joy is that Gongcha is just beside MOF as well! In fact I think they share the same unit.

As for now, I wish my readers a Happy New Year’s eve eve. Hope to rush out another post before school starts on the 3rd of January!

Serangoon NEX Mall



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