Oh Neul Han Jeom Korean BBQ Restaurant

The joy of Korean Barbecue with friends and families! It seems like a perfect get-together meal with a large group of companions and kins, either close or distant, the smell and fun of cooking the food will bond all. Read: This was my first time having Korean BBQ. I have never liked the idea of having smokey smells infused into my clothes and hair….nor understanding why more Singaporeans nowadays are liking Korean BBQ more and more, but a gathering with friends at such a meal changed things.

The unadventurous me dare not try the entire platter of side dishes, after I put an unknown item in my mouth and it turned out horrid.



Pork jowl meat (Hangjungsal) ($18) 


That is the fun of barbecueing! Barbecueing is certainly a joyous thing. You get the satisfaction as though you’ve cooked the meats yourself!


Pork skirt meat (Galmaegisal) ($18). I preferred the pork skirt meat to jowl meat due to it’s tenderness. The jowl meat, on the other hand, had a certain toughness to it.


Maggie noodles never gets too old. The stew with ham, sausage, kimchi, tofu and ramen (Budae Jjigae) ($35) (additional $5 for additional ramen) turned out pretty well, the ramen being tasty when it gets soft and soggy. The Kimchi soup was well-prepared too, and I loved it’s spiciness which wasn’t too fiery.


Other than those above, Oh Neul Han Jeom Korean BBQ Restaurant also serves a selection of types of beef to choose to barbecue. They also have a lunch set menu where a la carte dishes are available.

All the dishes were shared between the 4 of us and in all, it was about $20 per pax. Which is a price worthwhile to pay, considering that I left the place feeling very full and there was enough portion of meat to go round. In fact, we did not manage to finish everything! The items may seem like a small portion when served on the table but do not just judge it like that!

Tucked in a street of shop houses at Telok Ayer, this restaurant might be difficult to find for the unfamiliar. Despite all, I find it’s ambience to be cosy with yellow lights and a divider which hosts an area for a greater group of people to have a mini private gathering over there. The restaurant is almost filled with customers as well. Service from the staff proved friendly. In my opinion, this place should receive a bigger rating.

177 Telok Ayer Street

Singapore 069625


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