Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant

An airy, relaxing place with the high ceilings, comfy sofa chairs and an option for al fresco of the harbourfront view by the sea. By night, Brotzeit never sleeps. It only becomes a socializing field for the happy to drink and celebrate with signature pork knuckles.

Breaded Chicken Fillet ($10.50): Nothing too bad, and nothing too special. They were delectable, hot appetizers to start with, going especially well with mustard.


Brotzeit’s menu would consist mainly of German sausages so we opted for Pork Cheese Sausages ($18.50). The sausages were not too overwhelming as the ones from street stalls and definitely not of dryness. In fact, I would be proud to say that these are currently the best sausages I’ve tried. The fusion of smoked pork and warm, melted cheese in your mouth would be like….. like. Moreover, the accompanying potato salad and veggies on the plate were as good but not outshining the lead.


With cheese being one of my favorites as well, I decided to opt for the Cheese Spatzel ($19.50). A few mouthfuls proved it had a chewy and cheesy feel. The one thing I like about Brotzeit is their relatively large portion sizes (which also means prices that are higher). I guess that’s how much Germans eat? Inferring from how they drink beer during Oktoberfest. However, to finish this plate of just cheese and nothing but cheese would be quite impossible, unless you’re a cheesy person (No pun intended). So I would say I loved it for the few mouthfuls for the wholesome feeling of cheese, but nothing more than that.


Ah, Emperor Pancakes ($12.50)! These were as good as they look. They are more fluffy than the usual pancakes and hence softer in texture. The visual appeal it sent out simply made it seem at its best. Too plain to be eaten just like that? The pancakes are rum and raisin flavored. Plus, the simple bowl of plum sauce gives them a little sour yet enriching taste. Either way, they taste great. I did not know that pieces of pancakes would ever look as appetising as the whole pancakes themselves until this. Now, why can’t I have this for breakfast everyday?


Oh yes, if you happen to go with some friends, do not forget to try their most famous Pork Knuckles. They are legendary, and require at least 3 persons to finish it. Do not underestimate it’s appearance.

VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk
Singapore 098585


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