Ambush: European Restaurant

Ambush, located in the casual Junction 8, is a casual European restaurant serving comfort food.

A great deal I found out was that the food was priced quite affordably of a restaurant yet the food does not disappoint much. It’s hard to find such better places in heartland malls already. Yet it gets easily overlooked for common wanderers around the area.

Ambush offers such a promotional set lunch! For just $9.90, you can opt from a few main courses with the soup of the day and an ice-cold soda. Even a mediocre plate of pasta would cost around the same amount at a casual dining location.

Baby Scallop Linguine – The creamy base of the pasta was mild and would appeal more to light eaters of creamy pasta, plus the linguine had a silken texture for great mouthfeel.

I thought the Crispy Chicken Aglio Olio ($11.50) sounded good on the menu. Crispy chicken with pasta? Definitely. Even though the chicken was a little overcooked, it was served in a generous portion together with filling aglio olio. I loved how the aglio olio had a distinct garlic taste which was not overwhelming but added a certain spice to the dish altogether.


The desserts only extended to a few options but nonetheless I had to savor one. The Souffle ($8.80) was an explosion. The more than warm molten chocolate cake burned my tongue while the freezing vanilla scoop of vanilla ice-cream attempted to soothe it. My conclusion was that the cake was indeed too hot, it should be warm instead. Still, the chocolate was rich and more molten than fluid.

 Overall, it was a good, comfy, more restaurant-like ambience while tucked in an area further from the noise of the junctions of pedestrians and passers-by.

9 Bishan Place

Junction 8 #02-20/20/27

Singapore 579837


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