Malaysian Food Street at Resorts World Sentosa


Since the day of its opening, the Malaysian Food Street at the high-end Resorts World Sentosa has been making big waves in the media, especially a couple of months back. There were loads of advertising on it and there seemed to be popularity on the fact that skillful chefs are behind the scenes. That brought me to travel to the island. I was astounded by the fairly long queue outside (there was a limit to the number of people that could be in the food street), but I’m sure the crowd would have died down a little by now.

The Chee Cheong Fun, appearing a lighter shade of sweet sauce of the ones we would have at a local hawker stall, made me hesitate if I should even try it. However, it was as good as or probably even better than hawkers’. It definitely had a sweeter tinge to it.


It is almost impossible to find traditional Chicken Rice Balls in Singapore nowadays. I’ve always been a fan of chicken rice, and even more so of chicken rice balls. Sadly, those of standard are disappearing. The ones here were competent but the flavor was not strong enough in the rice balls. (from Malacca Chicken Rice Ball)


I wouldn’t recommend the Nasi Lemak from Kampung Nasi Lemak here, it was common and nothing much to rave about.


Fung Wung Confectionery has got to be one of my favorite stalls over here. The Baked Chicken Pau had a nice crust with fresh and warm chicken filling with a little sweet paste that suited the chicken.


Their signature would be their Egg Tarts. I had to queue again after some time to get them as they were sold out like hot cakes. The verdict: very crisp crust, a good, mild egg custard that was simple yet can get you hooked. Takeaway option is available as well!


Note that some food will probably be sold out if you arrive late in the night. By the end of evening, some stalls would have stopped operating, so it’s advisable to go early! The trick is to buy from the stalls with the longest queues, they’re one of the better stuffs around. Overall I find that the malaysian food here was of standard, yet some stalls fall short of my expectations.

Other stalls at the food street include

Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice
KL Jalan Alor Hokkien Mee
Penang Ah Long Lor Bak
Penang Ah Mei Hokkien Prawn Mee
Penang Hai Beng Hainan Lor Mee
Penang Lim Brothers’ Char Kway Teow
Petaling Street Famous Porridge
Ampang Yong Tau Foo
Klang Bak Kut Teh
KL Wanton Mee
Penang Cuttlefish Kang Kong
Roti Canai and Nasi Briyani
Petaling Jaya Dim Sum & Drinks

Resorts World Sentosa

The Bull Ring



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