Barracks Cafe @ House Dempsey


Dempsey Hill. The heaven of food districts. On my very first visit to the prestigious food centre, I had to start off with a bang. So I headed to a well-liked and review place, House. Dempsey House consists of a beauty emporium, a Camp Bar for drinks at night, and the more renowned cafe, Barracks. It was formerly an army barracks, hence its name.

I was curious as to why a chinese red bean bun ($2.50) would be doing on its menu with a recommended sign next to it. Curiosity gave food to the cat. I thought mini red bean buns were the best buns of all, but this extra large one rivalled it. It’s softness was the winning factor.

After my first experience of trying truffle shoe-string fries ($11), I can say they are a million times better than normal fries with salt. For 11 bucks of the same portion at McDonalds’, you might say that it is a rip-off, but not until you try it for yourself. White truffle oil does great things.


The Red Snappper ($28) would be recommended if you’re going for something light but substantial. The clams give the broth a herbal taste which is not overbearing. You will be surprised to find green noodles underneath the fish, and the delicious clams are definitely a huge bonus for lovers.


A main feature of Barracks would be their signature skinny pizzas. It was difficult to make up my mind with so many flavors available, but I ended up with the Mozzarella Bolognese Pizza ($25) being a fan of mozzarella AND bolognese. Despite being a 9 inch pizza, it was nearly barely enough for 2-3 eaters. What I like most about it was the well matched combination of mozzarella, greens and bolognese sauce. The sauce might have gone better with pasta but it didn’t matter anymore. Everything comes together as a piece of good thing.


Desserts oh desserts! I must say that if you come all the way to Barracks without trying the desserts, then save the trip. In fact, now I’m starting to claim that it’s all about the desserts at Barracks. People claim that Barracks has the best Strawberry Shortcake ($9.50) in Singapore, which I certainly believe so now. The strawberries in the cake are not left just as they are but they are much more melted and softer. As I am not that accustomed to eating strawberries, I usually avoid strawberry cakes, but these were made such that it was perfect for me. Alongside it comes with a small glass of not milk but warm vanilla bean sauce – pour it all over the cake and tuck it into your mouth.


The Warm Banana Salted Caramel Cake ($7) blew me away as well. It’s unique appearance appealed to my senses, I loved how warm and soft the bananas and cake was. After you uncover the cubes of bananas, you find a pool of caramel in the middle of the cake. It’s like finding gold. And yes, those are popcorns.


It was certainly one of my best meals so far. I see myself coming back and I have this *evil* temptation to aim and try everything encompassed in the desserts menu.

8D Dempsey Road

Singapore 249672

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