Olio Cafe: Splurting chocolate

It was a casual day and so I thought I would step inside this casual looking place for lunch. Perhaps the ambience seemed a little plain and the food looks normal but there’s no reason to underrate it. What I liked most was its value-for-money quantity but not overlooking so much of quality.

The Classic Roast Chicken Sandwich ($12.50) was nothing too much to rave about, but it’s huge portion did shock me a little. The surprising thing was the dish was made sweet: the chutneys in the sandwiches. I didn’t really know if it actually made the sandwich more or less fulfilling but I wouldn’t say that I did not enjoy it. Alongside the two huge sandwiches are a serving of sweet potato fries which were – – – sweet. This time, I felt that the sweeter fries went well with the sandwiches, somehow chosen deliberately for this purpose. Worth it or not – depends if you prefer quantity or quality.

The cakes and pies on display at the glass counter at the cashier looked ordinary, I was contemplating if I should do away with a sweet ending to my meal, when I saw the name of the Olio Sizzling Brownie ($6.80) in the menu. Looking up, there was a poster picture of it hung on a side wall. And so I made my decision. I got a little surprised when a plate of sizzling and fizzling sounds arrived at my table. A hot plate of bubbling chocolate sauce and a centrepiece of a brownie laid before me. The brownie was great, a harder chocolate layer on the top with peanuts, the second layer full of freezing vanilla ice cream and the last layer a moist and soft sponge cake. With so much chocolate sauce given, I could not resist but finish it clean. A reminder to myself: not to be too eager and burn my tongue with sizzling chocolate sauce again.

I was happy to realise that Olio Cafe has takeaway and delivery options as well, so next time I’m out of home-cooked or hawker food and tired of fast food, I know where to head to.

180 Kitchener Road

City Square Mall #03-39/40

Singapore 208539

No. 1 Sengkang Square

Compasspoint Shopping Centre #01-14/15

Singapore 545078

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