Auntie Anne’s: Addicted to Pretzels


At first it just tastes great, and you want it more and more.

At last it still tastes great so you buy some more.

Auntie Anne’s has been in Singapore for several years and although the hype about their pretzels is becoming less and less obvious, I believe that they still sell the best pretzels in Singapore. Pretzels are getting out of food trends as the years go by but people still love to have them as a snack, here and there.

The best way to eat pretzels would be with your hands. Don’t hesitate, they will be twice as yummy.

The Almond Pretzel was sweet, and it tastes equally good with or without the caramel dipping sauce given.

The Parmesan Cheese Pretzel, on the other hand, was much softer and fluffier than the almond pretzel. You can taste a few traces of cheese but it would definitely be better if the cheese could taste a much more distinct, cheesier taste.

Besides that, their pretzel dogs are signature too. Their baked goods are pretty fresh, the ones you get would be just or if not, a little time out from the oven.

I got a shock when I found out that pretzels are actually high in calories. You mean the few flavoured pieces of dough could add up to so much?! But heck that, it won’t stop me from munching on pretzels. A price of around $3 and more for just a pretzel may seem a little daunting to pay, but it’s worth it.

Suntec City

5 Temasek Boulevard

Suntec City Mall #02-82

Singapore 38985

Other outlets include the ones at Plaza Singapura, Great World City, Parkway Parade and Tampines Mall.
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One thought on “Auntie Anne’s: Addicted to Pretzels

  1. Esther Lim Shu Hui says:

    I ❤ Auntie Anne's Pretzels! Cinnamon sugar and Sour Cream is pretty good too! 🙂 You should try those in JB – it's like half the price. Haha. Good post Crystal!

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