Shin Nichi Japanese Restaurant [Closed]


Going straight into the restaurant: I like the white and airy and spacious feel of Shin Nichi, unlike several other Japanese places with intense yellow lights. The interiors most suit the mood for lunch with its casual and refreshing feel of daylight entering.

It’s hard to choose from the wide variety of sides they have! The Arabiki Sausage ($5) was simply cheesy sausages. I felt that the few small pieces were ordinary and not worth the five bucks it was priced at. I believe the several types of sushi on the menu would be of more worthy a try.

What better way to test out a Japanese restaurant selling ramen than ordering the recommended Char Siew Ramen ($13.80)? A difference compared to the usual ones I’ve had was the much thicker slices of char siew. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but my satisfaction level would never match the one I had after my trip to Tokyo.

The Chicken Katsu Don ($12.50) seemed rather appealing on the outside but unfortunately, it was not as such on the inside. I would say that the ramen served by restaurants in Singapore are a lot better than the rice meals. Perhaps its the difference in popularity here.

Most of the desserts such as the chocolate lava cake and caramel pudding were unavailable on the day I went, so I was recommended the Green Tea Cheesecake ($5.80) which was not on the menu. It was a light dessert to end our Japanese meal. The three layers infused with soya beans, red beans and green tea were distinct, however I was looking and tasting everywhere for that element of cheesecake. Yet I liked the cake. I also had a scoop of peach flavoured ice cream at $5.50 which was equally light and refreshing as the cake.

Shin Nichi’s menu includes a variety of ramen, don, sushi and many side dishes which tempts people to order a table-ful of them. Much like a casual restaurant, I would not say that the food is fantastic, but for people living around the area it is a good hang out. As you can see from the second picture, the restaurant has also emphasis on their Japanese wine and sake, with some promotions running along especially when night falls. With a location at the riverside walk in Punggol, it’s a no wonder that many families and groups of buddies can be seen at peak times.

No. 10 Tebing Lane


Singapore 828836

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