Tung Lok Signatures


The original intent for lunch was to head to Crystal Jade Kitchen at VivoCity but a fully packed restaurant has left us with the other alternative which was to head to Tung Lok Signatures (同乐经典) for lunch and some dimsum. I love the color combination of their modern interior, a white surrounding with carpeted waves of blue give it a breezy, beach-like atmosphere which is unique for a Chinese restaurant group like theirs serving Chinese and Cantonese specialties.


Only a few of us were dining together that day so we decided to opt for dim sum. Tempura prawns ($4.20) and deep fried shrimp dumplings ($4.80) first came to our table. I thought that the tempura prawns were rather pretty, served on a heart-shaped dish with style.

We ordered two rice dishes from the a la carte menu without knowing that they came in extra large portions meant for 2-3 persons to share – and ended up not being able to finish them. The fried rice with foie gras ($24) was of the same fried rice as the SF baked fried rice ($22) shown below, except that it was so much better with diced foie gras in abundance in the dish. The fried rice was considered normal, the foie gras stole the show. First thing that came to my mind was “French Chinese Fusion”. The baked fried rice had prawns and some meat but go for the fried rice with foie gras for a better experience.

That day, I realized that I’ve missed out on a part in my life when I tried custard buns for the very first time. As sinful as they may be, you cannot not try them. Just remember to savor them slowly and not engulf the entire bun in a gulp. I fully agree with what a fellow food blogger said that “Singaporeans love food that oozes”. Custard buns come at $3.60 for a trio.


The other dim sum we had were the steamed shrimp dumplings ($9) and steamed glutinous rice ($4.20), with the latter having a special taste which makes it different and outstanding from the ones I usually have. One thing I realised is that the food here seemed to look good without trying to. A definite plus point for Tung Lok.

9 special tasting menus are available on a daily basis featuring sharks fin and seafood. With Father’s Day around the corner, Tung Lok has also launched 2 Father’s Day’s set menus till 17 June. Another promotion for this week only features the Alaskan crab prepared in 2 ways: steamed with chinese “mou tai” wine or braised with vermicelli and crab roe.



1 HarbourFront Walk

Singapore 098585

Operates 1130-1500 on Mondays to Saturdays (Lunch)

1100-1530 on Sundays & Public Holidays (Lunch)

1800-2230 daily (Dinner)


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