Pamplemousse Bistro + Bar: 3 course set lunch


Laid back among the greenery at Dempsey’s 6ix and 7even blocks, I should just get to the point and say that the 3 course set lunch at Pamplemousse Bistro & Bar at $32++ per person is a great deal for lunch especially when considering the quality main courses they serve. Pamplemousse which also means ‘grapefruit’ in French, offers European dishes mastered with French techniques.

Alfresco dining lets you feel the serenity of the greens around while dining indoors provides a posh dining experience with white and silver tableware.

That pleasant feeling when you are served Complementary bread & butter with olive oil.


For appetizers, we ordered what we were recommended, namely the Salmon and croquettes. The salmon was just simple and light yet everything good at the same time – a good appetizer to have.

On the other hand, Crab “Otak” Croquettes had a distinct taste and tender strands of meat beneath the crispy exterior. I fell in love with it immediately, next time I see croquettes on a menu….. hmm.

Uni Tagliolini – The pasta was light with crustacean sauce and a good rendition of tagliolini. It is also another recommended item of the main courses.
There’s nothing like a french meal without the Duck Confit. The duck leg was cooked very well, with a well-marinated and crispy skin as well. It was set atop a bed of red cabbage which I initially thought was a weird ingredient but then realized later on that it was simply unique especially when eaten together with the meat. Besides that, I loved the creative sides of lychees and potatoes.

Melons & Sago – A subtly sweet dessert which had a zesty taste to it. It reminded me of oranges. Altogether it was like a sweet concoction of fruits.


“Milo Dinosaur” – A deconstructed dessert of milo parfait, chocolate streusel, milo sponge, dulce de leche, brioche and condensed milk.


The service there left me a great impression of Pamplemousse. One of the waitresses was very dedicated in serving us and making sure we had the best lunch possible, even filling us in the components of the dishes. I wouldn’t hesitate to try out their brunch menu soon enough. Portion sizes here are not filling enough when going a la carte so don’t hesitate for the set lunches or the chef’s menu ($98++) for dinner.
7 Dempsey Road


Singapore 249671

Operates for lunch from 1200 – 1430 weekdays and 1130 – 1430 on weekends

dinner from 1830 – 2230 daily

* with Mondays as exceptions

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