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The Lokal

IMG_0697 edit

So, so so many new cafes in Singapore. (too many?) There came to a point in time where I was coming to know about a new cafe each day without fail,  be it through Instagram, blogger friends or the world wide web in general. Pretty sure this influx of new cafes started in June or so, leaving us bloggers in a frenzy where we scurry off to as many of those hideouts as possible.

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Brought to you by Sarnies, The Lokal is Australian-inspired and has so far gotten the nod from food bloggers and cafe hoppers alike. The space is dim, with some light filtering in through a few windows by some tables. Indie vibes checked. Good thing’s that the layout is well-suited to pack people in groups of 4-5 without compromising much on spatial assets. We checked this place out just this Friday for lunch when the lunch menu was served from 11am onwards. Served from 8am to 11am is the breakfast menu which looked promising and fulfilling as well.

IMG_0675 edit

Coffee here was such a delight. I had the cappuccino ($5.50) – smooth, aromatic, right acidity, no bitter aftertaste. Even the latte art’s on point! On the drinks menu there are also smoothies, freshly squeezed juices, teas and sodas so fret not, non-caffeine takers.

IMG_0703 edit

My dish consists of smashed avocado, homemade ricotta cheese, pomelo and toasted almonds on sourdough ($18). A tad pricey though considering the small portion. It’s plain but it makes for something light and healthy on the palate. I’m especially recommending this to all the avocado lovers out there. And P.S. they do place some emphasis on the fact that they make the ricotta from scratch.

Another refreshing and light choice would be the Pita sabich sandwich filled with grilled aubergine, tomato, cucumber, boiled egg and hummus ($16). My friend thinks that the hummus makes this colorful dish tastes less simple as a vegetarian option.

IMG_0689 edit

We also tried the Roast chicken panini with crispy pancetta, tomato, avocado cos and aioli ($15) – coming in a surprisingly bigger portion than the avocado dish. Those with larger stomachs should therefore opt for their sandwiches/burger. The Roast beef on rye, caramelized onions, watercress & grain mustard creme fraiche ($17) and Schnitzel burger, red slaw, grilled pineapple, Emmenthal cheese, lettuce, anchovy mayo on a sesame seed bun served with chunky chips ($28) are yet two other tantalizing alternatives.

IMG_0651 edit

Do not leave without satisfying your sweet tooth. Both the Sticky date pudding with caramelized sauce & vanilla ice cream ($12) and Banana cake with caramelized bananas & hokey pokey ice cream ($12) called out to us so we had both. Between the two, our favorite was the banana cake which felt somewhat like a french toast. The cake was soft but substantial enough to be soaked in syrup that didn’t make it too soggy. I loved how it’s not too cloyingly sweet. Meanwhile, the sticky date pudding, though decent, was pretty average. I would prefer a spongier pudding which would soak up some butterscotch sauce instead of their version which was too dense for my liking.

IMG_0724 edit

IMG_0719 edit

Overall verdict? I’m giving the nod too. This is one promising establishment amongst the whole new lot of them – friendly service, quality grub. They so deserve another trip down.

IMG_0713 edit

136 Neil Road

Singapore 088865

Mon – Fri 8am to 6pm

Sat & Sun 9am to 4pm

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UNA Dining and Tapas Bar

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After the closure of popular noshing spots in Rochester such as Roast and Graze, the regular patron may just be feeling a little melancholic. Well, fret not. The past few months of renovation and refurbishment of One Rochester have led to the opening of latest Spanish kid on the block, UNA Dining and Tapas Bar. Helmed by Chef Jean Philippe Patruno previously from Bomba Paella Bar, UNA is Singapore’s first bar and restaurant that brings together the authentic and rich flavors of Spanish, Italian and French home-styled cuisines. This concept is termed the ‘South of Latitude 30°‘ (SOL30°).

IMG_9213 edit

The interiors of UNA are split into 2 separate dining areas with different sets of menus – UNA Dining on the first level and UNA Tapas Bar on the second. UNA Dining is set in a lush garden setting with classic white decor – also perfect for the many weddings which are frequently held here. The full menu (designed by Chef Philippe) here offers a fine selection of starters, mains, desserts and drinks. On the other hand, UNA Tapas Bar provides a casual, laid-back atmosphere with a full bar. Here, choose from a range of spirits, mixers and artisanal cocktails on the bar menu (specially created by Proof & Co) to go along with your tapas.

IMG_9236 edit

And what better way to start off the meal with some classic, specialty cocktails? The Le Bucky ($19) above is a refreshing mix of bourbon, mathilde framboise, fresh apple juice, fresh lemon juice and ginger beer while the Bastille ($20) is a combination of gin, hibiscus, maraschino, amaranto and fresh lemon juice.

IMG_9225 edit

IMG_9244 edit

We got started with some small plates. Among them was the beautifully plated Heirloom Tomatoes, Piquillo Peppers and Burrata ($18 for small, $28 for large) which caught our eyes. From the soft burrata cheese to the juicy cubes of tomatoes, this petite dish makes for a light, refreshing appetizer.

IMG_9241 edit

IMG_9259 edit

If you’d like soup, go for the starter Gazpacho Salmojero ($12 for small, $22 for large) which was recommended to me by a server – a cold dish of a rich tomato and cucumber soup alongside with a quail egg and Sicily olive oil. Though the tomato-based soup requires an initial acquired taste, I thought that the texture and consistency was excellent – smooth and substantially thick.

IMG_9266 edit

Hanger Steak Tartare, Slow-cooked Egg Yolk, Watercress ($28 for small, $38 for large)

IMG_9272 edit

Iberico Pork Belly and Smoked Chorizo Mash ($32 for small, $42 for large) – I was in awe of the 24 hour slow-cooked spanish pork belly which was cooked to near perfection. It was tender in the mouth and the springiness of pork belly which I abhor is also at is bare minimum. The smoked mash with chorizo oil in the middle deserves a mention as well.

IMG_9280 edit

Another huge favorite for that day would be the Wild Sea Bass with Serrano Ham and Caviar D’Aubergines ($40 for small, $50 for large). The sea bass had a crisp exterior with touches of salt and its insides were soft – this was suitably coupled with the dry cured serrano ham.

IMG_9305 edit

Towards the end of our meal, the kind bartenders recommended the cocktail Champs de Fraise ($19) which is only offered on UNA Dining’s menu. The concoction – strawberry infused cognac, fresh lemon juice and sparkling wine presented a fruity fizz which I enjoyed more compared to the aforementioned cocktails I had.

IMG_9314 edit

I’m always particular about my desserts and UNA’s desserts were right on spot to me. The Pedro Ximenez Panna Cotta, Popcorn ($14 for small, $18 for large), unlike the usual panna cotta, came in a glass shooter and was uniquely topped with popcorn. Fortunately, the salted popcorn complemented the sweeter, smoother pudding it was laid upon. The panna cotta was as creamy as how it should be, making this version one of the best I’ve had.

Falling a little short of our expectations was the Churros dipped in chocolate and accompanied by honey ice cream ($16 for small, $20 for large). They were too crispy (for my liking) such that they broke easily. A fluffier and chewier interior would better befit them churros. Shoutout to the honey ice cream though.

IMG_9252 edit

From the idyllic environment of the restaurant to the helpful service provided by servers and bartenders to the cuisine itself, the dining experience at UNA, I believe, should not be skipped. You’ll be surprised at how every intricate detail matches with the other, be it ingredient-wise or interior-wise. This is definitely in accord with Chef Patruno’s vision for UNA – “an exquisite dining experience providing the best of [his] worlds, with heartfelt and comforting foods that will form great memories.”


All food shown in this post are of the small portions.

This was an invited media tasting.

1 Rochester Park

UNA Dining – Mon to Sat 6pm – 11pm

UNA Tapas Bar – Mon to Sat 6pm – 1am

Closed on Sundays


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House, Dempsey – The Essential Brunch

IMG_7749 edit

I mean it when I say that House is the essential brunch place. It’s almost been exactly two years since I last stepped foot into this quirky cafe-restaurant. (P.S. you can refer to my 2-year-old review here. Still can’t believe I took those photos though.) Everything felt familiar and it feels as though I’m visiting an old friend of mine. The mismatched furniture, though the same and not replaced, feels irreplaceable instead. How should I describe it? It’s like Alice in Wonderland.  From a homely dining area lined by bookshelves to a cosy tent installment to dining in the outdoors garden, it’s no wonder why some people don’t ever tire of patronizing.

IMG_7742 edit

During my past visit here I tried their legendary truffle fries (my favorite thus far). Since then, they’ve introduced 4 new types of fries to whet your appetite: Pumpkin hazelnut, truffle taro, curry mustard and carrot fennel. So so tough a decision to make on just one since there were only 2 of us.  In the end we went for the Truffle Taro Fries which were straw-cut and a lot thinner than potato fries. As expected, the truffle oil was very aromatic. *inserts relevant emoji*

IMG_7780 edits

House Pancakes used to be a 7-layer pancake stack which I’ve always wanted to try, however after the menu revamp the pancakes are now a more “down-to-earth” version. Inspired by the pavlova, the pancakes are topped with kiwi, passionfruit and strawberries and then drizzled with chocolate sauce. The combination comes across as a tad unsuitable but it turned out well.

I didn’t get to try much of the Black Pepper Prawns with Sweet Corn Salsa and Sunny Side-Up but there’s one thing I’m certain about it: the prawns are really fresh and the sunny side-up is fried with organic eggs.

IMG_7760 edit

IMG_7843 edit

The dessert menu at House is even more so recently revamped. On a more accurate note, it is a new dessert menu. Yet again, it’s a dilemma with 10 tantalizing options…

At $15, the Salted Caramel Toastie may not be the most worthy for money dessert considering it just a toast topped with a scoop of ice cream. But it’s more than that. The toasted brioche was as good as brioche can get. Having caramelized walnuts to go along with the toastie upped the level of crunchiness and crispiness. That scoop of caramel biscuit ice cream fared well too, except that it melted all too quickly.

IMG_7803 edit

A petite delight was the Warm Chocolate Toffee Cake, which came out pretty moist and fluffy like a sticky pudding.

IMG_7801 edit

I must say that I was pretty shocked some perennial favorites from the old menu like the strawberry shortcake were removed. Still, the new options all sound promising and if I had the space for more, I’d definitely go for the banana coconut pecan cake.. and possibly a slice of lemon curd cheesecake. Apart from that, I’m grateful for the fact that weekend brunches here remain lovely.

IMG_7838 edit

8D Dempsey Road

Singapore 249672

Monday – Thursday 12pm – 11pm

Friday 12pm – 12am

Saturday 11am – 12am

Sunday 9am – 11pm

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Necessary Provisions

IMG_7194 edit

For a good few months I’ve been dreaming of local coffee joint Necessary Provisions and racking my brains if it’s worth the trip. As a north-eastie, traveling to the western part of the island may be nasty without a personal vehicle. The opportunity came when an instagram friend of mine was visiting from Kuala Lumpur – as a fellow cafe hopper back in her own country, she happened to be interested in N. Provisions as well. I obviously jumped at the opportunity.

IMG_7260 edit

Thanks to the really ulu location the cafe is set in, I took an hour and a half to get there via public transport – From Clementi Bus Interchange which is next to the MRT station, take bus 173 and alight at the 8th stop. Then you’re left with a hundred metres of walk into Eng Kong Terrace.

IMG_7204 edit

IMG_7208 edit

I like clean, white spaces. But then I like sleek, black spaces even more. N Provisions has a cool ambience with its accompanying black walls, tables and chairs. The counter (shown above) made of quintessential green tiles, together with a vintage bicycle against it as a backdrop, makes for that obligatory shot for instagram. My favorite is the prominent back wall though. It features a collection of ceramics, coffee apparatus and a random handful of items that, when shelved together, creates a hip background for the cafe. Talk about vibes.

IMG_7170 edit

IMG_7223 edit

Then of course, we started off our morning with their coffee. Since NP is by the people behind Smitten Coffee who also set up the now defunct Homebodies and Henry Congressional, you can expect them to be serious about their caffeine fix. I had a White 6 oz ($5) and I love that it leaves no bitter aftertaste.

IMG_7224 edit

IMG_7214 edit

I know I should have ordered more from the menu but we decided to keep it simple that day with a slice of Pandan Chiffon Cake ($4) and Orange Walnut Cake ($4). $4 for a Pandan Chiffon?! I can get a slice for $1 at a local bakery. The pandan chiffon there was a lot fluffier but I would rather save those few pennies for another coffee. The latter was a zesty delight especially with the grated orange rind and huge chunks of walnut.

IMG_7176 edit

In case you’re feeling hungrier, the all day menu has simple breakfast items like Savory Scones ($5) and Banana Nutella Panini ($5) and sandwiches such as Rosemary Chicken ($9). Available from 6pm onwards is the more enticing dinner menu. From fresh pasta like the Winter Pasta ($14) to the Blackened Halibut ($22) to the Pork Burger with Apple Sauce ($14), the choices are not endless but interesting.

IMG_7246 edit

IMG_7198 edit

Anyway, I’d forgotten to take some shots of the exteriors which features a few outdoor seats and tables so I thought the many angles of the back wall would make up for it. This place really makes such a chill corner. If only I lived in the west…

IMG_7258 edot

21 Eng Kong Terrace

Singapore 598993

Tuesday to Thursday 10am – 10pm

Friday & Saturday 10am – 12am

Sunday 10am – 6pm

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Ezoca Japanese Cuisine

IMG_5026 (1)

Time flies. I am now documenting my third trip to Quayside Isle, Sentosa Cove – this time for a tasting session at the exquisite, fine-dining Japanese restaurant Ezoca. Ezoca is considered pretty new to the block of eateries along the quay, and adds an Asian touch to the Western food enclave.

The interiors are kept traditional with every piece of furniture imported from Japan. However it is styled to suit the needs for comfort for diners here with wooden armchairs and cushions. The restaurant is partitioned into a few areas: a sushi bar, a private corner separated from the rest by Japanese screens, a main dining place and even an alfresco area to cater to the likes of expatriates.

IMG_4954 (1)

Both a la carte and set menus are offered and they change seasonally. That day, I had the privilege of having the Yume course at $288 per set which is a 7 course kaiseki meal.

Presenting the first course/appetizer – Japanese Tiger Prawn, Cucumber and Persimmon with Tofu Cheese Cream and Walnut. The dish is simple in taste but refreshing and healthy as a whole. I love how the light, airy tofu cheese cream holds the prawn, cucumber and persimmon together.

IMG_4961 (1)

Second course/steamed dish – Short Neck Clam (swapped with fish in my dish) and Winter Melon Egg Custard topped with Tomato. In short, this is chawanmushi but not exactly your typical chawanmushi. It emits a stronger, more oriental smell and taste. Some may like it and some may not but I definitely like it – plus points for so many lush ingredients added in it too.

IMG_4982 (1)

The third course is one of my favorite course after the main – sashimi of a Combination of Fresh Seafood Platter. The type of fish depends on the availability from Japan so you might not get exactly the same types I have pictured below. On the left is Snapper sashimi with lotus root. As I bit into the snapper there is a hint of lotus which probably came from the lotus root. Coupled with the delicate freshness of the snapper it makes a great hit. In the middle is Toro sashimi, which comes from a fatty portion of the Bluefin tuna. Taste-wise, it reminds me a little of salmon except that the meat is thicker and more succulent. On the right is mackerel sashimi, which has a much fishier taste the others.

IMG_5011 (1)

IMG_5010 (1)

IMG_5022 (1)

The fourth and main course has got to be my favorite course of the day. It is a charcoal grilled dish – Japanese Omi Beef Tenderloin with Organic vegetables. In my mind I went wow when the dish was first served to the table. The uniquely shaped bowl caught my attention immediately. From the yellow of the bowl to pinkish-brown of the meat to the red and green of vegetables, I’m impressed by the color pallet already. Despite having spent some time capturing the dish on the camera, the tenderness of this A4 grade beef will still be present. There are 3 different dips including salts and soya sauce to dip the beef in but I prefer it plain the most. As I try more and more types and cuts of beef steak, each one gets better and better. This omi beef is no exception to that testimony. Omi beef rivals Kobe beef and Matsusaka beef as the top Japanese beefs but it is definitely less well known around the globe. Don’t forget about the organic vegetables (lotus root, beans, pumpkin, pepper) – they are prepared well to go on par with beef. Excellent seasoning.

For those not accustomed to eating beef, there is another choice for your main which is the Japanese Eel with Organic vegetables.

IMG_5033 (1)

Fifth course/braised dish – Conger Pike Eel, Garland Chrysanthemum and Seaweed in hot pot. The Conger Pike Fish, which is a type of eel, has a silken texture which I enjoyed very much. Also in the hot pot is a ball of mochi and vegetables like mushrooms. The stock may get quite fishy though.
IMG_5057 (1)

IMG_5073 (1)

Sixth course/meal – Tempura Angel Prawn and vegetables with Turnip pickles and Red Miso soup. Nothing can go wrong with tempura and Japanese rice. I found myself addicted to the rice more than the tempura – it is sticky to my liking with a tinge of sweetness. I was informed that Ezoca uses a premium Japanese rice Yamazato Seiryu Mai, a type of the Koshihikari rice. The Koshihikari is popular in Japan and is one of the most expensive types there. According to the waitress the rice is even cooked with Japanese mineral water. I wouldn’t mind living in Japan just for their rice. A bowl of Red Miso Soup accompanies the tempura rice and, unlike the usual misos of casual Japanese eateries, it is more overwhelming.

IMG_5087 (1)

….and the last-but-certainly-not-the-least course/dessert is the Caramelized Apple and Homemade Red Bean Paste Sandwich with Japanese Kyoho Grapes with Wine Jelly. Having grapes with wine jelly out of the glass feels like I’m drinking wine. Yep, that spoonful of wine jelly is that powerful (and unique). There is an extra slice of muskmelon served on the dish which is not in the menu but nonetheless, it is especially soft and juicy.
IMG_5103 (1)

The experience at Ezoca was amazing in many ways but what struck me most was the quality of ingredients used in every dish. All of them are imported from Japan and are prepared superbly fresh. Also, service is nearly impeccable with staff who clearly know their stuff well.

IMG_4953 (1)

Special thanks to Wendy and Ezoca for hosting the tasting session.

31 Ocean Way

Quayside Isle (Sentosa Cove)


Singapore 098375


Tuesdays 5.30pm – 9.30pm

Wednesdays to Saturdays 12pm – 3pm

5.30pm – 10pm

Sundays 12pm – 9.30pm

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Five & Dime Eatery


This is a long overdue post of my belated birthday dinner. Of course, everything would not have been possible without Amanda, Tricia, Wileen, Angela and B who specially planned the secret trip to Five & Dime. The original intention was to proceed to Valentino’s for an Italian fix but since they were full I was brought here whilst being kept in the dark. Anyway, I loved the theme of the entire place. It’s a little hard to describe, more like a creation of artsy meets kiddy meets classic feel.


Mocha on Mars ($12) and Decadent Chocolate ($12) in the background. I had the mocha milkshake and how I wished there could be less caffeine and more chocolate in it to balance it out (it tasted rather bitter for a drink called mocha on mars).


Calamari ($8)

Unlike the usual thick and cheesy ones out there, the Mac n Cheese ($15) here was based on a lobster sauce together with cheese thus giving it’s pinkish appearance as you delve into it. It was less heavy a dish and certainly a lot less cheesier which I felt was a good thing, unless you prefer an over dosage of cheese.


The Cajun Chicken ($18) was not that bad, what with its evenly grilled surface.

Next was a surprise. The Mentaiko Pasta ($18) captured in the first picture was a great fusion pasta. I’ve had those at other places served either too creamy or too dry so it was heartening for me to finally find a good one there at Five and Dime. The faint taste of mentaiko was not overpowering, neither was it lackluster in flavor.


Fish & Chips ($20) which were okay.

The Burger ($23) which I ordered was a tad of a small portion but otherwise enjoyable.


Something like a Nutella Brownie with ice cream ($12) written on a blackboard would catch my attention immediately. When it first came served to my table I thought it looked divine. Sure enough, not only was the nutella concentration just the right amount for me, it was also just as moist to make a good brownie. Topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it ended my lovely dinner on a sweet and satisfying note.

The space here at Five and Dime may be a little small for a full-fledged restaurant but heck that, the dining experience was intimate. Just remember to make a reservation early. Generally the food here was enjoyable with a few outstanding dishes you must try ie mentaiko pasta, mac and cheese, nutella brownie. Now that I’m craving for more from five and dime, I certainly need a date to hop down and grab some of their brunch items. I mean, we’re talking about beef hash, panini, pancakes and waffles over here.

297 River Valley Road

Mondays to Thursdays 12pm – 10pm
Fridays 12pm – 12am
Saturdays 10am – 12am
Sundays 10am – 10pm

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Menya Musashi Kodou


Named after Miyamoto Musashi, the 5 branches of Menya Musashi are currently enjoying some attention as they join the new ramen scene in Singapore. Originating from Tokyo, it seems that their ramen stalls in Japan sell a-huge-number of bowls a day with stretching long queues.

And then, it’s always a battle in the mind between choices of ramen. Over at Menya Musashi, Ramen comes in white (original), black (garlic and onion) and red (spicy) flavors for the soup base.

We went with something rather original to start with. If there’s anything memorable about the White Kakuni Ramen ($14.9), it would be its braised pork belly which was juicy, tender and oozing with goodness. I also had the Bokuto Gyoza ($5.9) as my I’m-bored-I-want-my-ramen appetizer and sure enough it served as a dish solely for that purpose.




The tsukemen, a.k.a dipping noodles, was something new I’ve never tried. Tsukemen comes in white, red and black as well. Unlike the usual ramen served in soup stock within the same bowl, the noodles are dry and separated from an independent bowl of hot, piping stock which is much thicker than soup. The right way to devour the 2 bowls is to dip a pair of chopsticks full of noodles in soup and slurp them up right after. Otherwise, you may find yourself a mouthful of extremely thick and salty soup. I had the Black Tsukemen ($14.9) which was interesting. The soup can, however, get less warm if you stop too long for photos though….

Overall, I still find their soups a little too salty for my liking. It appears to encourage you to drink more water rather than the soup. Despite those, the tsukemen experience is worth a try.


2 Orchard Turn

ION Orchard


Daily 11.30am – 10pm

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d’ Good Cafe


It’s been a while since I’ve entered the food enclave of Holland Village so I thought why not take the chance to go back during the eve of a public holiday. Initially my thoughts were set on Mu Parlour but I did a last minute change to this much-newer-than-mu-parlour cafe that I’ve seen some snippets of on Instagram. (I’ll be back for Mu, though).


d’ Good Cafe specializes very much in providing the most suitable type of caffeine for you. For a minimal sum, a barista will help concoct a cup of coffee for you based on your likes and dislikes. You can then “save” the concoction under your name for future visits.


Upon stepping into the 2-level cafe, I was very much impressed by huge coffee machines. I reckon they’re for blending coffee beans. The cafe is neatly divided into 4 seating areas namely: The Bar (where you sit next to baristas), The Lawn (cosy space), The Attic (with child seats) and The Balcony (alfresco area – lights at night!). I fell in love with The Lawn area. Swing seats and carpet grass are really a girl’s thing. I guess the swing seat was the highlight of the day. It was really “swingable” and we rocked on the seats for a good couple of hours while watching the rain fall on Holland Avenue…

On to the food. I was pretty disappointed with my Eggs Benedict ($13.5). Appearance-wise, it was already lacking much with a sloppy look to it. You can see from the picture that the egg white for one of the eggs wasn’t even nicely atop the runny yolk. Taste-wise, it was nothing more than average.

The Chicken & Mushroom Pie ($10.5) on the other hand was much better done with a crispy curry puff-like crust with warm chicken and mushroom bits in it.  Although I have since then gotten a bad impression of their food, some reviews do agree that they have decent mains like their pasta and rice. I have seen pictures of their other egg benedicts served to other customers and they sure look a lot better than mine.

The Blueberry Cheesecake ($8) was a huge slice of cake so be prepared to share. It was so rich with cheese and probably impossible for someone to finish it all by herself after a main course.


I ordered another dessert – the Matcha Red Bean Cake ($6). Sad to say, it was rather tasteless except for the layer of red bean in the middle. I was expecting something more but the matcha failed to give off its flavour, resulting in its blandness.

I say: Snuggle in their coziness. Get addicted to their house brews. Accompanied by a lava cake, macaron, cheesecake or so.


273 Holland Avenue


Sunday – Thursday 1000 – 2200

Friday & Saturday 1000 – 2300

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Equinox Restaurant – High Tea Buffet


My maiden visit to level 69 of Singapore’s Swissotel The Stamford at Raffles City was a wonder. Equinox Restaurant had always been one of the buffet places on my list to tick off, and now it’s certainly not an easy task to sit down in front of my laptop and piece back the every bit smoothly.

The first thing you notice at Equinox is not its food. As you start to step on soft carpeted ground, the area is transformed into an orient setting of wooden frames matched effectively with velvet, light blue seat couches. This sleek setting, at 69 floors high, overlooks Singapore’s CBD and all over Marina Bay. A mandatory shot indeed.

I had a hard time thinking if I should jump start on the array of desserts since they look especially good. But I decided to play it safe and went off to get the savoury. Despite it being a high tea buffet, I found the spread rather wide. Western classics include salmon sandwiches, duck wraps (which I loved a lot) and salads; the Chinese selection includes dimsum buns and dumplings; and there are bentos of sushi assortment for the Japanese lover.

There is a short coming though. The food quality for its high tea buffet will definitely pale in comparison to the lunch and dinner buffet. Their savoury finger food, although alright, was nothing much worth tasting or remembering. Some were slightly above average, while others fell short of it.


To my surprise and delight, there is a completely different corner near the entrance specially for pastries and desserts. I’d name it “My World” or “Willy Wonka’s World”, but probably My World so I can have it all to myself. The cakes are definitely worth a shot. I had numerous slices of log cakes, from which I have come to like their chocolate mousse cakes. Other worthy bites are the mini lemon meringue tarts, chocolate fruit tarts and glass shooters. Not to forget their spread of pralines which are classic. Skip the ice cream though. They were nothing more than ordinary.




Vague memories remain of my trip to Equinox. With only an hour and a half for the high tea buffet, I was literally chomping down on my food as fast as I can to try as much of the spread. If possible, I’d likely go for either a lunch of  brunch buffet so I have the luxury of time to slowly dine and admire the view. With that said, it’s advisable to go for brunch/lunch/dinner instead but of course they come with a higher price tag. With such an idyllic setting, view, service and spread, I don’t see why not (come back for more).


Level 69

Equinox Complex

Swissotel The Stamford

High Tea: 1530 – 1700 daily

Brunch: 1100 – 1430 on Sundays

Lunch: 1200 – 1430 from Mondays to Saturdays

Dinner: 1830 – 2230 daily

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Kith Cafe


The new (or not that new anymore) branch of Kith Cafe at Park Mall could possibly be one of the biggest trend among cafes currently. A buzz started late last year and as Singaporeans, we go with the trend. Since then, I’ve made 2 visits to Kith Cafe and it’s easy to know why they’ve been popular for quite a while.

Kith Cafe’s strategic, central location at the less crowded Park Mall is a great advantage compared to its older location at Robertson Quay. The area is also much bigger with both indoor and outdoor seating. The alfresco area was much more appealing to me compared to the indoor area which had an overwhelming cast of yellow hue from ceiling lights, the best part is that it was hands down, one of the best places for food photography.


To start off the meal, we chose a random side, the Spicy Batter Chicken ($10). It reminded me of a mix of tikka masala and tandoori chicken, only more crisp. A decent chicken dish to munch on while waiting for mains.

On a previous visit, I had their Amatriciana ($16) which was penne with bacon, onion, tomato and parmesan while my friend had another pasta from their lunch specials. Even though alright, I felt they were average and below my expectations. Hence when ordering the Beef Lasagna ($16) on the next visit, I had my reservations. To my delight, it was perfectly smooth, creamy and rich like how I wanted it to be. Even though not cooked in the traditional way, the texture was just right for me.


Something worthy to note about Kith is that they serve All Day Breakfast till 3pm daily! Green Eggs w/ Toast ($14) is one of the dishes on the breakfast menu and I had that for myself. Relatively a simple breakfast dish, but definitely tasted more than that. It was of scrambled eggs infused with greens instead of the usual side salad together with basil pesto atop fresh tomatoes and toast which smelled of warm butter and buttermilk. Yumm.


Few desserts are offered at Kith so I opted for the Tiramisu ($7). I wouldn’t have expected it but my tiramisu was nicely done and essentially a good piece of cake for a tiramisu-lover like me.

Other than the bigger space, the menu at Kith Cafe at Park Mall is also much bigger as well, with breakfast items, sides, salads, starters, sandwiches, pastas and a whole lot of beverages. I’ve got a huge eye on cafes that serve everything with consistent quality and I think this place made it to the list. On both occasions I managed to try 3 of their milkshakes altogether (hazelnut nutella, caramel cookie and banana peanut butter) and I loved their richness. Seems crazy though. I’ll gladly pick up other options like their coffee, tea or juices if I ever get back there. Chances are, soon.


9 Penang Road


Park Mall

0800 – 2200 dialy

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