Spr mrkt (read: supermarket). This recently opened eatery along Tanjong Pagar has been getting the attention in the media. It has the prospect of a eatery and a retail corner at the same time and perhaps literally like a supermarket. The space inside can seat no more than 25 people yet I am amazed by how such small eateries can be so charming. Best part about spr mrkt is that it’s concept is kept simple and clean in a very chic way.

The menu at SPR MRKT changes daily with a small selection to ensure that the food maintains its quality and to minimize food wastage. On Saturdays, a brunch menu is replaced with the norm for the entire day. Foodwise, I was pretty impressed by their standard and quality. First we had Fork Mashed Potato ($6) as a side.


The mains available on that Wednesday were a duck sandwich, penne and pork ribs. I opted for the Duck Rilette Sandwich ($12) and found it great. Despite the small dish, the croissant, with that certain type of mustard, went especially well with the shreds of duck meat.


The small bites did me well as I had the space for desserts – pastries here are not to be missed. What I like about the pastries and tarts here is that they are rather special and their versions are difficult to replicate elsewhere. The Marble Cheesecake with Homemade Strawberry Sauce ($9) grew onto me immediately, being an avid fan of cheesecake. The marble element went smoothly well with the cheesecake and definitely a cake I wouldn’t not be able to finish.


Other than that, I also tried their Bread Pudding with Vanilla ($6) – light, fluffy and warm. A very good way to end the lovely lunch I had at spr mrkt.


Also: Don’t miss their tagliatelle carbonara on Tuesdays, pumpkin and saffron risotto on Fridays and the english breakfast on Saturdays.

A wall of shelves next to the dining area is dedicated to selling all sorts of things – notebooks, wine glasses, eggs, carrots and even cookery. There is even a fruits stand standing in front, so now you know how it lives up to its name.


2 McCallum Street

Singapore 069043

Operates 0800 – 2100 on weekdays

0900 – 1600 on Saturdays

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