Eat @ Taipei


Eat At Taipei is located at JCube, the recent place hyped about months back when it opened. It is right beside the popular, featured ice skating rink, giving the place a cool atmosphere. Dining at the “bar” where you can look directly at skaters while eating can be awkward, but I liked it.


I was pretty disappointed with their Pearl milk tea ($2.5). The pearls were a tad too hard for our liking. The milk tea was rather mediocre and it certainly brought down standards of the place a lot, considering that most diners there have it as a must-drink-since-we-are-having-taiwanese-meal.


Also we ordered a must-have taiwanese side: Crispy fried chicken chop ($7.5). The rendition here was not too bad but nothing much could go wrong with fried chicken unless the batter is messed up.


For mains, they offer a range of noodles, rice dishes and bento sets. We opted for Minced pork noodles ($7.5) and Fried fish fillet with egg and tomato ($13.9). I felt that the noodles were too dry and lacked enough sauce as accompaniment of the minced pork. Otherwise, they would make a rather good eat. Their minced pork is of the right consistency, making it a good side for rice and noodles.


For the rice set, I loved how the fried fish dipped completely in tomato sauce with fried egg pieces. It made a better impression than sweet and sour sauce. Set meals here are quite worth the money – they also come with veggie and fruit fix to give you  a full, satisfying tummy.



Overall, the food here is a hit and miss. Some cannot be stomached, some are alright and some are plain nice. I believe that gave rise to mixed reviews on this place. I would contemplate on going back there again, although it’s a great spot for skaters watching – an idea which I have come to like.


2 Jurong East Central


1200 – 2200

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