Boston Seafood Shack


Singapore’s newest mall in the West, The Star Vista, is a food haven. By chance, I won a set meal also known as “The Lob Mob” during their early days of operation a few months back. A trip down to the mall at Buona Vista is rather convenient and it was pleasing to know that this place is full of F&B stores including new gems that I am going to try soon enough.

Stepping into Boston Seafood Shack, the interiors are well-decorated with the feel of a shack in the imaginary world of Bikini Bottom. The place is bright, airy and much more cooling than the natural aired mall. Wooden tables matched nicely with bright red plates and stools. Altogether it was a colorful sight.

The Lob Mob ($50) consists of 4 premium Boston Lobster Rolls (one for $15 if a la carte) and 2 giant milkshakes. Not being a big fan of lobster, I had doubts but nevertheless, complimentary food is worth the excitement. I took a bite and it turned out not as bad as I imagined. The green spread may throw you off a little but it’s a different story after eating it. The taste of seafood was not that heavy keeping the sandwich refreshing.

We ordered an additional Barramundi N’ Chips ($13.5) (The portion in the picture is not representative of the entire serving). Despite the barramundi being not as flavorful, I loved the thicker cut fries.

Others on the menu include burgers, pastas and soups. Desserts can only be ordered from a kiosk at the outdoor seating area so remember to check them out. It is a self-service system here yet the staff is warm and friendly compared to other self-service eating places.

There were only several people in and out of the restaurant on a weekday lunchtime, which is why I feel that this place deserves more recognition as a cool and casual corner to hang out. Definitely worth a try even if you are in need of a quick meal.

1 Vista Exchange Green


The Star Vista

Mondays to Thursdays 1100 – 2200

Fridays & Saturdays 1100 – 2300

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