Bella Pizza


After visiting Robertson Quay several times I was totally charmed by the never-ending dining opportunities there with old favorites still buzzing with customers and new ones getting high scores by food critiques. A ladies’ night out by the quay is always cool with the jibe of nightlife. Bella Pizza (sister restaurant of Bella Pasta next to it) has been well received for good italian food hence the choice.


As its name goes, Bella Pizza is all about the pizzas. Still, the menu featured pastas as well hence the decision for a pasta, a pizza, and desserts and cocktails. Unfortunately, the Linguini Ai Frutti Di Mare ($24) was not to our liking. The seafood was overpowering and the linguini was a tad too dry; it was hard to tell that it was actually in a seafood-tomato sauce.


The types of pizza Bella Pizza had were extensive. Ranging from red pizzas to white pizzas to folded pizzas to sicilian boats (pizza boats), there were just too many to choose from, and too little mouths to pick all at once. Playing it safe, we had the Pizza Bella Pizza ($26) which is a white pizza topped with mozarella, ricotta, salami and spinach. This was our highlight of the night. Unpretentious, original and hearty are three words I would describe it with. Everything a great pizza would need to be.


Crepe Alla Nutella Con Banane ($10) was a petite dessert to end off the meal. Texture-wise, I liked it a lot and I can see why it was made to be in a smaller serving – it keeps the crepes flavorful without the diner to get bored by it.


Of course, we must not forget the all-time favorite Italian dessert (or rather my all-time favorite) Tiramisu ($9). I have always believed that they are a must-try at Italian restaurants and this belief is reaffirmed by the rendition at Bella Pizza. Moisture level was just right. The desserts were finished in no time and I was close to licking sauces off the plates – I just need more of them.

Next stop: Bella Pasta.

30 Robertson Quay


Riverside View

Tuesdays to Fridays 1130 – 1400, 1800 – 2300

Weekends 1120 – 2330

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One thought on “Bella Pizza

  1. Hi, my son went here on his first date last week – and enjoyed the pizza! Cath

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