Ramen Santouka


Indoor dining

I admit that I am not the number #1 fan of ramen but neither am I someone who avoids it. Ramen is one of my favorite alternatives when western food gets too heavy for my stomach and I am not kidding when I call it my favorite alternative. Thanks to friends who are lovers of Japanese cuisine, I was led to the less noisy lane to Cuppage Terrace amidst the buzz in town on a Sunday night. Numerous new ramen stalls pop out nowadays but santouka remains an old favorite for many.

There are 3 different types of soup base you can expect to choose from at Santouka: Shio, Miso and Shoyu. I had shio, which is tonkotsu (pork) based soup with a topping of salt. I also tasted the other soups but preferred shio – it suited the chashu ramen the best.


I liked how the noodles were rather springy with a bit of character. The soup was one of the best I have came across so far. On the other hand, the thick slices of chashu were quite tender, deserving a thumbs up.


Also I opted for the set meal which came with chawanmushi, salad, a rice bowl and a side of fried salmon slices – all of which were prepared conscientiously. This was rather worth the price of 20 over dollars (can’t remember the exact value) I felt.


It seems like the other outlet at the Central is more popular, so I will find another chance to visit the more spacious branch.


Alfresco area

21 Cuppage Road

Cuppage Terrace

Mondays to Saturdays 1200 – 0000

Sundays 1200 – 2130

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