Le Jardin D’ Antoinette


Antoinette has been making waves in Singapore with its exclusive dining atmosphere and pastry creations. The inconvenient location of the Penhas outlet, together with the too claustrophobic outlet at Mandarin gallery, has created an imaginary barrier stopping me from stepping into them. Then came the latest outlet at the quiet Palais Renaissance which was simply what I was hoping for.

Themed Versailles, this new hideout could be one of my favorite casual dining places now. My favorite part of this outlet, other than its food, is the roofless gazebo which is stunning and that made up for the fact that there is no view of orchard road from the restaurant. Unfortunately I was unable to secure seats in it (even though it seemed empty and reservation-free the whole time I was dining there).

The menu for Antoinette is extensive and offers all day breakfast, french toast, pancakes, main courses, crepes and their signature pastries and teas. To play safe, I opted for Burger Antoinette – consisting of layers of pan-fried apple, chicken leg patty, house dressing, veggies and chips to go along. Preferably I would pick fries to chips to go with the burger – sometimes it’s best to go with the norm. Yet I liked how the ring of apple was decently good when paired with chicken.

The Club Honey Baked Ham was more like a sandwich except that it was huge. This one came with omelette and honey baked ham as main ingredients. Less heavy compared to the burger while eating but it makes you equally full.

Desserts are a must at Antoinette. In fact, I gathered that majority of its patrons want desserts here the most. 3 macarons – Chloe (citrus yogurt and yuzu), Brittany (caramel with fleur de sel) and Passion (Milk chocolate passionfruit ganache). My personal favorite was Chloe. I’ve had many sweet macarons, so I loved how it refreshed and redefined macaron for me. Otherwise, Passion and Brittany were not bad as well.

It’s a cakes galore at Antoinette. Simply too hard to choose the perfect cake at Antoinette, so I go with my girly instincts on the prettiest one. Saint Honore l’Amour (or just call it rose) is composed with choux pastry, rose petals, raspberry, glaze and strawberries. It was not overly sweet but just the right balance of strawberry and cream.


Antoinette is definitely one of the places to drop by if you’re in the orchard area. Mandarin gallery’s outlet features dim lighting and royal upholstery while Palais’s is classical, romantic and airy. Reservations are recommended.


390 Orchard Road

Palais Renaissance


1100 – 2200 daily

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