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Ladurée Boutique Singapore


The macaron craze is back. Thanks to the much awaited Laduree which set up operations not long ago in Singapore, of course. Moreover, other than the permanent boutique fixture, there is yet another takeaway counter. To add a cherry  macaron on top of the ice cream, both are conveniently located in the heart of Singapore in Takashimaya shopping centre. The former is at level 2 while the latter is at level 1. Oddly enough, the queues at both counters are of about the same length so I would definitely recommend to peek in at the classier, bigger boutique. 


It starts off with a wallpapered ceiling of a picturesque sky and classic chandeliers against the backdrop. Then are the rows of shelves of boxes, tote bags, jars of soft caramel and scented candles exclusive to the boutique.


A minimum of 8 macarons are needed to get you a box to fit them all in, otherwise it’s just a scrawny paper bag. I decided to go ahead with the Singapore Limited Edition box (8 macarons) despite the $38 price tag which can make hearts skip a beat. A macaron costs $3.80 but there are only 8 of them, so essentially you’re paying about $8 for the box. That was hefty but I took it anyway.

The Strawberry Candy Marshmallow was one of my favorites. The marshmallow bit in the filling was a surprise and gave the macaron some different mouth feel compared to usual, creamy fillings.

However, the Chocolate Coconut Marshmallow did not meet my expectations – what I felt was an incompatible taste of chocolate with coconut.

I’ve had tons of really sweet pistachios which I liked a lot. The rendition of Laduree’s Pistachio was not overly sweet yet it did not fail to amaze me.


The Salted Caramel is another hot favorite. It was more substantial than those from other macaron places.

An interesting macaron would be the Marie-Antoinette Tea. It has a bubblegum feel to it which was refreshing.


The Liquorice (black) was average.

The Coffee flavor had a lingering aftertaste of – well, coffee.

As aforementioned, macarons here cost $3.8 each. Except for the 24K Gold Chocolate which costs $7.8. Basically it’s a chocolate macaron coated with “24K gold”. You can see that I actually bought it – for the pure reason of curiosity and tempt. Tastewise… yup it’s just a chocolate macaron.


The overall feeling speaks of classiness and it’s not hard to understand why: simple ganache fillings but made more than ordinary and macaron shells of the right texture (at least for me). What’s next for Laduree in Singapore? A tea salon – coming soon.


391 Orchard Road

#02-09 (boutique)

#01-24A (counter)

Takashimaya Shopping Centre

Ngee Ann City

10am – 9.30pm daily

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Menya Musashi Kodou


Named after Miyamoto Musashi, the 5 branches of Menya Musashi are currently enjoying some attention as they join the new ramen scene in Singapore. Originating from Tokyo, it seems that their ramen stalls in Japan sell a-huge-number of bowls a day with stretching long queues.

And then, it’s always a battle in the mind between choices of ramen. Over at Menya Musashi, Ramen comes in white (original), black (garlic and onion) and red (spicy) flavors for the soup base.

We went with something rather original to start with. If there’s anything memorable about the White Kakuni Ramen ($14.9), it would be its braised pork belly which was juicy, tender and oozing with goodness. I also had the Bokuto Gyoza ($5.9) as my I’m-bored-I-want-my-ramen appetizer and sure enough it served as a dish solely for that purpose.




The tsukemen, a.k.a dipping noodles, was something new I’ve never tried. Tsukemen comes in white, red and black as well. Unlike the usual ramen served in soup stock within the same bowl, the noodles are dry and separated from an independent bowl of hot, piping stock which is much thicker than soup. The right way to devour the 2 bowls is to dip a pair of chopsticks full of noodles in soup and slurp them up right after. Otherwise, you may find yourself a mouthful of extremely thick and salty soup. I had the Black Tsukemen ($14.9) which was interesting. The soup can, however, get less warm if you stop too long for photos though….

Overall, I still find their soups a little too salty for my liking. It appears to encourage you to drink more water rather than the soup. Despite those, the tsukemen experience is worth a try.


2 Orchard Turn

ION Orchard


Daily 11.30am – 10pm

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Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar


After a festive walkathon and carnival in Orchard with the loved ones, I thought of Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar for a late afternoon after-lunch because I’ve hardly ventured into Tanglin. Nassim Hill is located within Tanglin Post Office itself. The place was rather quiet on a weekend mid-afternoon and we had almost the entire place to ourselves. A good spot to get away from the bustling Orchard, I reckon. As quoted from Nassim Hill, “It is a bakery by dawn, bistro by day and a charming bar by dusk, with DJs spinning their latest groove.”

I wanted to try some sandwiches in the lunch menu such as their Hot Reuben ($18), Smoked Salmon ($16) and Grilled Cajun Chicken ($15) but the Eggs section was too hard to ignore. In the end, both of us succumbed yet to eggs again after having them earlier in the day. I had the Hearty Scrambled Eggs ($20) with cheese and salami which looked beautiful. They were indeed good scrambled eggs. It also comes with Nassim Hill’s signature Grimbergen Ambree beer bread basket with jams which was one of the better and interesting bread in bread baskets I’ve had. Great to go with their eggs too!


W had the Salmon Omelette ($20) which had smoked salmon atop it and cream cheese in it. Definitely a better taste contrast and flavor compared to the scrambled eggs but also depends whether you like the eggs plain or “heavy”. For me, cheese and salmon are among my favorites on the list, so I really liked it a lot.


There are only a few choices for desserts in the cake jars so we opted for the Apple Crumble Cake ($8) which looked the most appetizing among all. Sure enough its texture reflected the quality of the apple crumble. The scoop of vanilla bean ice cream came as a bonus. Just be cautious of its huge portion – sharing between two should be good.


I should think Nassim Hill is a hidden find for eating in Orchard Road. It’s location further down from the main district may put you off but come to think of it, it wasn’t that bad at all.

56 Tanglin Road

Tanglin Post Office #01-03

Tuesdays to Sundays 0800 – 0000

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Hifumi Japanese Restaurant


The new extension of Plaza Singapura is here with many new F&B outlets including new branches of old favorites and totally new restaurants unheard and unseen of. They are a fusion of Western, Malaysian, Thai and especially Japanese eateries. Of those, Hifumi is one that is enjoying long queues for lunch and dinner.


One of the main reasons why shoppers are attracted Hifumi would be their all-you-can-eat Japanese sides served in a mini buffet style in the center of the restaurant. If you opt for the set meal when you order the mains instead of a la carte (about $2 more) you will be entitled to it (with additional rice and miso soup with your main course). My favorites from all the sides were: Japanese curry, tofu, potato salad and chawanmushi. A definite thumbs up for this concept of theirs. I am not sure if they rotate these sides on a daily/weekly basis though.

Moving on to the mains, the prices are very well affordable, just that their standards were soso, or just right. I had the Tonkatsu set ($13.99) by myself which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was a tad too dry and it could be a little crispier for a more authentic feel.

Another main course my friend had: Bara Chirashi sushi set ($17.99)

The Hamburg set ($15.99)’s beef was not that bad either considering it’s price. I guess the fact that Hifumi’s food is just nice with value-for-money prices are keeping it’s customers, with more to come. Everyone likes simple and comfort Japanese food right? That said, I will be trying more restaurants at the new PS extension so look out for them!


#04-68 Plaza Singapura

68 Orchard Road

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Le Jardin D’ Antoinette


Antoinette has been making waves in Singapore with its exclusive dining atmosphere and pastry creations. The inconvenient location of the Penhas outlet, together with the too claustrophobic outlet at Mandarin gallery, has created an imaginary barrier stopping me from stepping into them. Then came the latest outlet at the quiet Palais Renaissance which was simply what I was hoping for.

Themed Versailles, this new hideout could be one of my favorite casual dining places now. My favorite part of this outlet, other than its food, is the roofless gazebo which is stunning and that made up for the fact that there is no view of orchard road from the restaurant. Unfortunately I was unable to secure seats in it (even though it seemed empty and reservation-free the whole time I was dining there).

The menu for Antoinette is extensive and offers all day breakfast, french toast, pancakes, main courses, crepes and their signature pastries and teas. To play safe, I opted for Burger Antoinette – consisting of layers of pan-fried apple, chicken leg patty, house dressing, veggies and chips to go along. Preferably I would pick fries to chips to go with the burger – sometimes it’s best to go with the norm. Yet I liked how the ring of apple was decently good when paired with chicken.

The Club Honey Baked Ham was more like a sandwich except that it was huge. This one came with omelette and honey baked ham as main ingredients. Less heavy compared to the burger while eating but it makes you equally full.

Desserts are a must at Antoinette. In fact, I gathered that majority of its patrons want desserts here the most. 3 macarons – Chloe (citrus yogurt and yuzu), Brittany (caramel with fleur de sel) and Passion (Milk chocolate passionfruit ganache). My personal favorite was Chloe. I’ve had many sweet macarons, so I loved how it refreshed and redefined macaron for me. Otherwise, Passion and Brittany were not bad as well.

It’s a cakes galore at Antoinette. Simply too hard to choose the perfect cake at Antoinette, so I go with my girly instincts on the prettiest one. Saint Honore l’Amour (or just call it rose) is composed with choux pastry, rose petals, raspberry, glaze and strawberries. It was not overly sweet but just the right balance of strawberry and cream.


Antoinette is definitely one of the places to drop by if you’re in the orchard area. Mandarin gallery’s outlet features dim lighting and royal upholstery while Palais’s is classical, romantic and airy. Reservations are recommended.


390 Orchard Road

Palais Renaissance


1100 – 2200 daily

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Donq Bakery


I am the type of “kiasu” blogger who rush with the crowd during a hype. Well, not exactly to rush with them exactly since I usually take a few weeks to make an eating trip after spotting a trend. Donq gourmet grocery has opened its doors at the basement food hall of Takashimaya in Orchard not long ago in late April. It has since then attracted many customers. It is easily one of the busiest, if not busiest, space at the dining hall.

Donq Bakery was founded in Japan and incorporates a French style within. They are said to be sold out of products in the evening so be there early. It was a tough decision, what with the extensive range of products and everyone of them seem to be a ‘best-selling’ one.

From left to right: the Sausage Boat, Dutch Bread and Tart Bresson Fruit.

The Dutch Bread ($2.40) was something special, what with its hard crust and soft interior (like a baguette) with a slab of cheese hidden within. I thought it would be better for the cheese to be cheesier as it reminded me of a block of butter, but on the other hand it keeps the bun plain but a good time of plain, if you understand.

The Tart Bresson Fruit ($2.80) left the greatest impression on me. It’s appearance attracted me in the first place, then I realized it tastes as well as it looks. It’s a soft tart of sweet custard filling with mixed berries which are a tad sour to complement each other.

Don’t forget to grab some other of their renowned items such as the cheese cookies, pain au chocolat and spinach and sausage buns!


Takashimaya Singapore

391A Orchard Road


Singapore 238873

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TWG Tea Restaurant

TWG has been around since God-knows-when with all their lovely tea products.

There are currently 3 locations of TWG Tea Salon & Boutique locally, namely Orchard, Republic Plaza and the Marina Bay Sands. I would have to agree that the location at The Shoppes is the most outstanding with its unique place on a “bridge” amidst the smell of designer shoes and bags. Yet, TWG at ION Orchard also deserves a shoutout for its convenient location among Singapore’s largest shopping belt. Despite it housing a dining area a tad small, it has attracted people especially for high tea among the area.

Tea is everything about TWG so the food here are literally infused with tea as ingredients as well. I would say that they were all worth a try even though it may be a little pricey.

Macarons here are $2 each and I had the Earl Grey Fortune & Chocolate. It was less sweet than ones without that special earl grey but definitely not lacking in any other way even though I would prefer the norms.



The TWG Tea Lasagna ($20) came with 3 choices: Garden vegetables, bolognaise ragout or seafood.

I did not expect the main courses here to be that satisfying as it turned out. The Wagyu Burger ($24) could be as good as a burger place. I loved the delicious “matchstick” fries that came along with it which reminds me of truffle fries. The “tea” element here is in the vinaigrette on the greens, it is said to be infused with a 1837 Green Tea.

Smoked Scottish Salmon ($28)

I was curious as to how a tea infused Creme Brulee ($12) would taste like, nearly regretting my choice. But then it turned out that I may even like it more than I do for the usual creme brulees. The taste of egg custard is milder but yet turned into something so unique. A great experience, I must say.

Reservations are a must especially during peak hours given that it can only hold less than 20 diners. Besides the lunch and dinner menu, the tea time sets are truly popular and so gives me more reason to go back for its scones and tarts.


ION Orchard


Singapore 238801

Operates daily 10am – 10pm

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Fish & Co.

Fish & Co has been a long-lasting semi fast food restaurant as far as I know. It has undergone modernization in recent times and is nowadays, becoming a trendy venue for casual, chatty meals and even birthday events. I love their specialty and tagline of SEAFOOD IN A PAN. You literally eat out of a pan. Yep, this was my very first time in fish and co despite the many years; I’ve had doubts if they were just selling overpriced fast food. But I guess you can never judge a book by its cover.

Seafood Platter for 1 ($19.95) – a great deal and you can have it all for yourself! Besides, the prawns, fillet and calamari is served atop a serving of paella rice and fries or mashed potatoes, so I reckon it’s a great steal for seafood lovers. However, I do find it weird that rice is served with potatoes over here – the double intake of similar carbs seem like a dangerous idea.

White Fish & Salmon ($18.95)

Whenever the word ‘fish’ appears, fish and chips automatically registers in my brain. The New York Fish & Chips ($15.95) took me by surprise, it was unlike those I’ve had at everywhere else. It’s crisp outer layer was satisfyingly thin and you will find that the battered fish is so soft to penetrate through. The meat was incredibly tender. In it, generous stuffing of parmesan cheese. There are aplenty of choices of fish and chips such as the Italian, Singapore, Arctic and Danish (which all sound attractive as well). New York would be their all time classic favourite.

I was recommended the Chocolate Pecan Cluster ($6.95) by a waiter as my original order of key lime cheesecake was not available and when it arrived, I thought it was oddly shaped enough. That didn’t matter much soon as I thoroughly enjoyed the explosion of thick chocolate fudge and nuts in my mouth. Serving size was not too much to deter a too-much-chocolate-attack and so it ended my meal perfectly.

I have to say that with their extensive range of categories and many choices available under the menu, dining at Fish & Co can be a little tricky as you’ll be spoilt for choice. New items like pasta have also been added to the menu, but don’t forget the legendary seafood and fish.

Ion Orchard

2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801

Opening hours:

11:30am to 10pm daily

(and 13 other outlets island wide in Singapore)

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PAUL Bakery

A legend from France has arrived.

The very much anticipated french bakery and cafe-restaurant, PAUL, has made its way to our doorstep. Paul is a renowned bakery establishment most famous in Europe, and not to mention hundreds of franchises worldwide. When the boards for renovation of the area where it is now were put up, I felt the wave of excitement.

The menu had a wide array to choose from ranging from bread baskets to breakfast items like eggs to sandwiches and more. I thought the Potato Pancake with Salmon ($21.40) sounded more special and ordered it. The potato pancake is something like rosti but quite different from it. Fried to a crispy skin revealing strips of well-flavored strips of potato, I enjoyed it especially with slices of smoked salmon atop it. To my surprise, they tasted good together. A vegetarian alternative would be the potato pancake with mushrooms.

I wouldn’t recommend the Waffle with Chocolate Sauce ($6) over here. Sure enough, it was rather crisp but I thought it was normal as a find anywhere else.

On the other hand, the Chocolate Millefeuille ($6.40) is one of the must-try pastries at Paul. It is more like a stacked chocolate biscuit full of creamy goodness of chocolate. After that, I found some reviews claiming that the Vanilla Millefeuille is even better than the chocolate one! Uh oh, I guess I’ve got to make a trip back to Paul.

I would like to think that this one’s made specially for the ladies. This Strawberry Tart ($6.40) certainly grabs the attention of any girl. The strawberries were glazed, hence turning out sweet more than sour. This time, yet another creamy goodness surrounds the strawberries in held together as the centerpiece, making the tart taste as sweet as it looks.

Some feel that the franchise in Singapore has fallen short of their expectations while others are simply enjoying the new food. Perhaps it may not seem at its best compared to the franchises in Europe but I think that it’s just it being placed in the Singapore context. There are 2 dining areas to Paul and I don’t really fancy the squeezy sitting area outside the restaurant. The ambient is just not there. If I were to ever head back, I would probably ask for a sit in the more comfy main dining area. Queues are still going long so be prepared to wait.

Also, don’t forget to takeaway some bread and pastries like their pain au chocolat, croissant and even huge macarons home from their bakery!

391 A Orchard Road
Ngee Ann City Tower A
Opening Hours

Bakery: Sun–Thu: 8.30am – 10pm
Fri–Sat: 8.30am – 11pm
Restaurant: Mon–Sun: 10am – 11pm

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