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Privé Bakery Cafe

I have been left a pretty good impression of Prive Cafe & Restaurant by many bloggers who had spread the word about its delightful brunch items and mains from the dinner menu. Since then, I told myself I would be there. So after a few months the effort finally succeeded as made my way to the scenic Keppel Bay.


Prive is divided into 3 sections, Prive Grill (dinner), Prive Waterfront Bar (late nights) & Prive Cafe (brunch, lunch). Prive Cafe serves comfort Western food including selections from all day breakfast, burgers, pastas, salads, cakes and shakes.

Despite the heat, the choice was made to munch outdoors simply because the view of Reflections @ Keppel Bay, the marina of yachts and clear skies of dotted white on blue seemed to be there for me to admire at. I loved their menu – how it seemed that they managed to use the perfect font for my liking.

We opted for the DIY Omelete ($15), Homestyle Pancakes ($13) and The Ultimate Fish & Chips ($19).

I chose smoked leg ham to be in the omelete and it was a simple but delightful fare. Alongside with roma tomatoes and toast I would not mind waking up in the morning to the smell of it.

The pancakes at Prive have been widely known as not just any pancake, but to my disappointment the pancakes were overdone that day hence not being as thick and fluffy. Was I not a starved soul on that sunny afternoon I would have called for another order. As I recount my experience I do yearn for another plate of those.

Fish and chips was nothing fantastic to rave about which I thought was a pity. That only fed my desire to find the best fish and chips in Singapore.

The selection of cakes, tarts and other desserts were mind-boggling as all of them sounded as equally good as the other on the menu. In the end I decided to play safe and go for the chef’s recommendations of a slice of Carrot Cake ($7) and Oreo Mud Pie ($12).  The Carrot Cake could be a contender of Cedele’s signature carrot cake. Prive’s version was less dense. On the other hand, the oreo mud pie was awesome. Coffee flavoured ice cream was sandwiched between generous oreo bases with chocolate sauce. An explosion of sweetness, it reminded me of architectures of so and so pyramid. Only I call it food architecture.
Prive. My expectations are 90% satisfied. Until then we shall meet again.


Marina at Keppel Bay

2 Keppel Bay Vista

Singapore 098382

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Fish & Co.

Fish & Co has been a long-lasting semi fast food restaurant as far as I know. It has undergone modernization in recent times and is nowadays, becoming a trendy venue for casual, chatty meals and even birthday events. I love their specialty and tagline of SEAFOOD IN A PAN. You literally eat out of a pan. Yep, this was my very first time in fish and co despite the many years; I’ve had doubts if they were just selling overpriced fast food. But I guess you can never judge a book by its cover.

Seafood Platter for 1 ($19.95) – a great deal and you can have it all for yourself! Besides, the prawns, fillet and calamari is served atop a serving of paella rice and fries or mashed potatoes, so I reckon it’s a great steal for seafood lovers. However, I do find it weird that rice is served with potatoes over here – the double intake of similar carbs seem like a dangerous idea.

White Fish & Salmon ($18.95)

Whenever the word ‘fish’ appears, fish and chips automatically registers in my brain. The New York Fish & Chips ($15.95) took me by surprise, it was unlike those I’ve had at everywhere else. It’s crisp outer layer was satisfyingly thin and you will find that the battered fish is so soft to penetrate through. The meat was incredibly tender. In it, generous stuffing of parmesan cheese. There are aplenty of choices of fish and chips such as the Italian, Singapore, Arctic and Danish (which all sound attractive as well). New York would be their all time classic favourite.

I was recommended the Chocolate Pecan Cluster ($6.95) by a waiter as my original order of key lime cheesecake was not available and when it arrived, I thought it was oddly shaped enough. That didn’t matter much soon as I thoroughly enjoyed the explosion of thick chocolate fudge and nuts in my mouth. Serving size was not too much to deter a too-much-chocolate-attack and so it ended my meal perfectly.

I have to say that with their extensive range of categories and many choices available under the menu, dining at Fish & Co can be a little tricky as you’ll be spoilt for choice. New items like pasta have also been added to the menu, but don’t forget the legendary seafood and fish.

Ion Orchard

2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801

Opening hours:

11:30am to 10pm daily

(and 13 other outlets island wide in Singapore)

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