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The Merry Men’s Kitchen + Bar

Pre note: Blogging speed’s been slow these days but I’m still very thankful to all viewers out there. Currently trying to clear as many overdue posts as possible from my previous short break 🙂


Robertson Quay remains as one of my favorite food enclaves in Singapore. And so I had yet another great ladies night out there over the festive season. The Merry Men was chosen and I could see why it is easily one of a popular choice for a more casual yet ambient restaurant and watering hole.

To my surprise, it’s interior is rather small with a couple of communal tables very suitable for large groups and just another couple of tables for smaller groups. Yet, a cosy, light-hearted mood seemed to befall on the place especially at night. (Definitely in love with their window panel.) But don’t worry, outdoor seating is available and not that bad too.

As we dined in a large group that night we had the luxury of trying bits of pieces from every section of the menu. We started off with my all-time favorite Truffle Shoestring Fries ($10) which I always try to order whenever I spot it on a menu. I felt that the truffle oil wasn’t intense enough but there was an attempt to cover up by truffle-scented mayonnaise. Still, better ones out there!


From their “Nibbles & Gobbles” we also had the Sausage Platter ($26) which mixed pork, beef and chicken sausages all together. We all agreed all of them were pretty good with some consistency.

Moving on to their pastas, we had Penne Carbonara ($18) and Spaghetti Crabmeat Aglio Olio ($20). I preferred the later because it was more special in terms of its taste. It’s shredded crabmeat went rather well with the aglio olio. My only complain is the lack of garlic of chilli in the dish which could have turned tables around.

The Bolognese Pizza ($20) felt plain and dry especially with the too generous heap of greens and tomato sauce which was light while the Roast Duck and Lychee Pizza ($20) won me over. I’ve always marveled over the pairing of roast duck on crust and their rendition has surely not disappoint me.

Hold on, we still have the mains to go. The Fish and Truffle Fries ($16) brought us back to another truffle state of mind except now with battered fish fillet and 3 sauces to dip and go along with. Not anything special but not any less disappointing as well. Same goes for the Yorkshire Pork Rack ($28), which had pretty tender char grilled pork meat, probably one of the better ones I’ve had. Yet it’s portion size really left me hungry for more.

Of course, we can never call it a night till we have a proper ending with desserts. We opted for the Waffles ($12) and Chocolate Lava Cake ($14). The former was thick and good but a pity that it’s toppings were too creamy. Basically there were more whipped cream than chocolate, bananas and and ice-cream they were supposed to have. However the latter was a lot more satisfying with it’s thick, flowy chocolate popped molten hot into our mouths, accompanied by vanilla ice-cream afterwards.

I guess I have mostly uncovered the ups and downs; hits and misses of The Merry Men. Quality of food is quite well done considering they function very much as a bar as well, but don’t be setting high standards. They do serve western food pretty well despite the several lacking points. Indeed, you leave as a merry man.

86 Robertson Quay


Mondays to Thursdays 1700 – 0000
Fridays 1500 – 0100
Saturdays 1500 – 0200
Sundays 1100 – 0000

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Bella Pizza


After visiting Robertson Quay several times I was totally charmed by the never-ending dining opportunities there with old favorites still buzzing with customers and new ones getting high scores by food critiques. A ladies’ night out by the quay is always cool with the jibe of nightlife. Bella Pizza (sister restaurant of Bella Pasta next to it) has been well received for good italian food hence the choice.


As its name goes, Bella Pizza is all about the pizzas. Still, the menu featured pastas as well hence the decision for a pasta, a pizza, and desserts and cocktails. Unfortunately, the Linguini Ai Frutti Di Mare ($24) was not to our liking. The seafood was overpowering and the linguini was a tad too dry; it was hard to tell that it was actually in a seafood-tomato sauce.


The types of pizza Bella Pizza had were extensive. Ranging from red pizzas to white pizzas to folded pizzas to sicilian boats (pizza boats), there were just too many to choose from, and too little mouths to pick all at once. Playing it safe, we had the Pizza Bella Pizza ($26) which is a white pizza topped with mozarella, ricotta, salami and spinach. This was our highlight of the night. Unpretentious, original and hearty are three words I would describe it with. Everything a great pizza would need to be.


Crepe Alla Nutella Con Banane ($10) was a petite dessert to end off the meal. Texture-wise, I liked it a lot and I can see why it was made to be in a smaller serving – it keeps the crepes flavorful without the diner to get bored by it.


Of course, we must not forget the all-time favorite Italian dessert (or rather my all-time favorite) Tiramisu ($9). I have always believed that they are a must-try at Italian restaurants and this belief is reaffirmed by the rendition at Bella Pizza. Moisture level was just right. The desserts were finished in no time and I was close to licking sauces off the plates – I just need more of them.

Next stop: Bella Pasta.

30 Robertson Quay


Riverside View

Tuesdays to Fridays 1130 – 1400, 1800 – 2300

Weekends 1120 – 2330

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Laurent’s Cafe and Chocolate Bar

I had a pretty good brunch that day at eM by the River. I knew Laurent’s Cafe and Chocolate Bar, or Laurent Bernard’s Chocolatier. From the outside, it is easy to walk past Laurent’s Cafe and Chocolate Bar on a sunny day where your eyes are insensitive to the dull. Already having the initial plan to indulge in chocolate desserts there, I had to walk up and down the street several times before spotting it.

The interior bears a cosy and pretty decor and allows only around 10 patrons to be seated. Alfresco dining is available with comfortable, cushioned seats with unnaturally grown palm trees wafting atop. I find it a little weird that photography of the cafe itself was not permitted, there is even a sign bearing the warning.


On that fateful day, their specialty – the souffle – was not available as they had just opened for business and so it was only available at later times. Waiting around 30-45 minutes for a souffle would already be a huge sacrifice, a few more hours of waiting time would be a no-no.

I had the Crispy Chocolate Tart ($7.80) which turned out to be dark chocolate. Being a sweet and savoury person, I am not a fan of dark chocolate but it was a different story in this case, in which the tinge of dark chocolate was what made me give it a thumbs up.


The Profiterole ($12) was atop three large scoops of vanilla bean ice-cream, and I thought that it was a light and refreshing choice in contrast to the chocolate tart. The only loophole was my expectation of the pastry ball to be softer. The icing on the icing would be the miniature teapot of chocolate sauce. Or it shall be called the chocolate pot. You know, everything is better with chocolate.



80 Mohammad Sultan Road

The Pier @ Robertson Quay


Singapore 239013

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